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I like both and would have, for myself, incorporated a little of the old with the new. I like having pictures of my grandchildren around when I am working in my office and other small reminders of who I am and where I have been.

But, I do often think I might like a clean sweep of things but I always chicken out so I really like this make-over - it's a complete change which is nice. But best thing about it is it's neat and I really love neat. Beautiful transformation, Kudos.

Before & After: A Granny Office Goes Modern
2/1/12 09:54 PM

This room is COOL. Clean and cool. Sweet baby room.

Aiden's "Modern Preppy" Nursery
Nursery Tour

2/1/12 09:33 PM

Too much of any one thing is too much. Good taste and classic pieces are always in but never a room full of any one period. Creative design thinking and refinement over time is the way to go IMO.

Been There, Done That: Designers Weigh In On "Worst Trends"
Elle Decor

1/20/12 01:23 PM

I like spare and sleek. Very well done here. The windows are used to best advantage. I bet the view at night is fun. Congrats, lots done in a short time.

Daniel's Hollywood Boulevard Loft with a View
House Tour

1/10/12 04:39 PM

Your cats must be very well behaved. (?)
I love your artful Home and the garden is just beautiful.

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

1/4/12 08:50 PM

Very smart placement of furniture. I agree with "Village".

Before & After: Emily Dresses Up Her Hearth & Home

1/4/12 08:41 PM

Such a nice mix of texture and color. (I went back for a 2nd look just to oogle your shoes)
You seem to have found the nice half way point between too much and how to edit the things you love. Thanks for the peek into your home.

Emily Schuman's Modern Rustic Home
House Tour

1/4/12 08:24 PM

A warm, welcoming and charming home.

Simone's Romantic Home Filled with Personal Treasures
House Tour

1/4/12 07:47 PM

It must be so nice to come home...Lovely!

Sarah's Supremely Stylish West Village Home
House Tour

1/4/12 07:30 PM

i purchased a crate and barrel sofa, on sale for about $2500, 10 yrs ago and 4 grand children later it is still in great shape and they have... well you know from baby stuff plus...this year egg nog was spilled on it and it seems the fabric protector is still doing its job.

Are Pottery Barn Sofas Worth the Money?
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1/4/12 06:42 PM

'scuse typo meant its'

Sabrina Soto's Penthouse Pops with Color
House Tour

11/6/11 10:37 PM

I skipped over this tour (not a huge fan of lots of color/modern) and later decided to check it out soooo glad I did.

Loved it all.

I especially loved everything in it's place and a place for everything. Great use of color and while keeping it minimal you managed to make it feel very cozy and comfortable. Job very well done. Thank you for sharing your home. I learned a new trick or two from you.

Sabrina Soto's Penthouse Pops with Color
House Tour

11/6/11 10:35 PM

A triumphant return to city-living for sure. Fun, comfortable and sophisticated are not an easy balance to strike but Doryn does it very well. Kudos, this is an awe-inspiring home, with the emphasis on home.

Doryn's Glamorous Return to the City
House Tour

11/5/11 02:54 PM

I can not tell much from these photos. Could we see more?

Heath's Garden Room House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
4/8/10 10:36 PM

Baby, dog, cat and it's all so neat and clean. Kudos on your small, cool and very lovely home.

Small Cool 2010: Nicole Aaron's Illusion of Space Small Division #5 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/8/10 10:22 PM

Nicely done. Very nicely done.

Small Cool 2010: Chris's Furniture Tetris Tiny Division #2 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/6/10 03:38 PM

Bless you Gregory. (and thank you)

Kirsten's Homework Assignment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/1/10 03:39 PM

Oh my...its' grand.

Imagine the fun of furnishing it. This is the place where design dreams could come true.

211 Elizabeth Street by Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 01:19 PM

whew, my biggest challenge has been to actually see the photos on this house tour...

Kirsten's Homework Assignment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/31/10 06:45 PM

This home is loaded with Maria's personality and Maria's sense of self and style.

There are many definitions of the word Home. The one I like best is "where one flourishes".

This home is lovely. There were so many things to enjoy. My favorites are her art, especially the "Frida", and many of her chair choices. I really appreciate that Maria cared enough to put her best foot forward and showed us a clean and well organized space.

Best wishes to Maria for a healthy birth and for a family that continues to flourish.

To AT - I enjoy seeing all types of spaces, big and small. The house tours have never failed to inspire me or to affirm the road, by design, not taken.

Maria's Surprise-Filled Classic Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
3/30/10 12:07 PM