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@Suzee This not my place (I wish) but speaking from experience dealing quite well with a loft with only 3" clearance (floor to ceiling), unless you are like 7" tall, 5" should be more than enough.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Jodi's Absolute Favorite
4/18/14 12:19 PM

my favourite

Small Cool 2010: Daniel's Swiss Family Robinson Teeny Tiny Division #26 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/22/10 12:06 AM

I love the collection of little doors above the living room windows. It's a such a random collection to have but it works.

Small Cool 2010: Natalie's Natural Light Vintage DetailsTiny Division # 22 | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/19/10 03:55 PM

So cozy and cute!

Small Cool 2010: Grace's Sunny View Tiny Division #21 | Apartment Therapy DC
4/17/10 05:13 PM

I love your blindingly red kitchen. Just walk in there in the morning and I bet you never need coffee! (I'm sincere, btw)

Small Cool 2010: Laura Anna's Room for Entertainment Teeny Tiny Division #13 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/15/10 06:22 PM

Awesome, love the blue wall paint.

Small Cool 2010: Lindsay's Little Box Teeny-Tiny Division #3 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/7/10 10:01 PM

I like the "gallery" idea and might use it in my next place, as I have tons of artwork and stuff for the walls.

Small Cool 2010: Kathryn's Cozy Contrast Little Division #3 | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/7/10 09:57 PM

I like the simplicity. With such a tiny place, I feel like if there was much more going on it could feel claustrophobic.

Small Cool 2010: Lacey's DIY in the Details Teeny Tiny Division #5 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/7/10 09:51 PM

Maybe by the time the wall thing gets moldy they'll have enough empty rolls to make a new one.

Before After: Lauren's Lovely Bathroom | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/19/10 10:55 PM

I think I might take down a nude artwork if, say, I knew my conservative grandparents were coming over, and if it was also a large and imposing piece (we have's currently in the laundry room) and if it was in the sitting area. I wouldn't enjoy having to do this but I wouldn't want it to be a distraction, since I don't see them too often. But in general, I would not want to tailor my home decor to other people's tastes. Then again, most of the people who would be visiting us are artsy types who would not be offended.

The Proper Place For Nudes | Apartment Therapy DC
3/19/10 10:51 PM

"Gentleman's Loo"...I love it! Very creative. I love it when people take something crappy and turn it all around!

Before After: A Haberdashery Bathroom | Apartment Therapy New York
2/25/10 06:01 PM

Very romantic!

Arden's Attic Abode House Call | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/24/10 11:19 PM

I heard that when repotting rootbound plants, rather than treating the roots with kid gloves, you're supposed to take a pair of scissors and sort of snip at them a bit, otherwise they will "think" they are still in the same pot and continue to grow in the rootbound shape. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

How To Re-Pot Your House Plants Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/7/10 12:15 PM

Now I know what to use the cutlery organizer for that I just found in the neighbours' garbage.

Organizing a Junk Drawer — or is that an Oxymoron? | Apartment Therapy New York
2/1/10 02:37 PM

Some things I just have to live with, though. His giant light-up poster of his old band is something he'd probably miss.

Sharing the Decorating Without Destroying Your Relationship | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/1/10 02:35 PM

My boyfriend basically trusts me to do the decorating, including with his stuff (or is it that he just doesn't care? can never get that one right...). If I disagree with some change he's made to the overall look, I usually just let him have his way and then secretly change it back about a week later (assuming it's something minor). He never notices.

Sharing the Decorating Without Destroying Your Relationship | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/1/10 02:34 PM

Love it all!

House Tour: Andrew and Thao's Diamond Heights Dwelling | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/28/10 11:05 PM

My boyfriend and I already have separate bedrooms and beds, but on the nights when we share a bed, it's separate blankets all the way. I'm a light sleeper, and feeling someone moving and tugging on my blanket would keep me up.

One Solution for Blanket Hogs | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/20/10 06:37 PM

I listen to the static between radio stations. Radios with digital tuners seem more consistent. It helps me sleep better AND is easy on the wallet.

Round Up: White Noise Machines For a Peaceful Night's Sleep | Apartment Therapy DC
1/18/10 11:21 AM

This idea is also being used to create housing for the poor in Mexico's slums:

Costa Rica Beach House: A Shipping Container Home | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/11/10 10:51 AM