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I think it looks lovely and like something children would enjoy. It's nice to get them away from metal and plastic and let them play among natural elements that blend with the garden surroundings. I love that the part about "enchanting children."

But I also agree, the concrete slide doesn't look like fun.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Create an Elegant Garden Your Kids Will Love
6/11/09 02:43 PM

Hi! It's Claudia from Pattern People. I'm so excited to see this post and it's very interesting to see your comments. The bathroom project was done on commission, so there were a few small constraints, such as color. At at the same time, the client and interior designer (Andee of Osmose) liked what we did right away. Our first round was our natural doodly obsessive drawing style, and it seemed to work for everyone. After that, it was great to develop that into something even more obsessive and ornate. We worked with a mural painter, Brent Wick, and he eventually got it all painted onto the wall, he was amazing!

The rest of the space is also very cool. The client has very eclectic and adventurous taste, and the interior designer is really talented. It's in the current issue of Portland Spaces.

Finally, If anyone is interested in buying any work, please email us: Thanks everyone!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Pattern People
6/11/09 01:56 AM

I've only worked creative jobs, but at large corporations, and I have never been discouraged from decorating drab spaces. In fact, in my last job, people complimented me on reviving an ugly space. If there is any judgement about this stuff, it must be similar to the judgements we receive about the way we dress or behave at work. Oh, and my space did involve some cat photos but my cat is really really cute so...

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2/12/09 08:13 PM

These remind me of Bryce Marden, but with a feminine touch. They definately glow.

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2/12/09 07:58 PM

This is a great idea! My mother used to measure everything with her hands, she said most people's hands are about 8" across. This is probably not true though..
Claudia Brown

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2/12/09 07:45 PM