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those skulls are from the DOLLAR TREE! I have the same ones...nice to know me and eddie are of like minds.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Eddie Ross DIY's Halloween
10/22/09 04:34 PM

LOVE the idea-- but please note lonny peeps, it looks like you need a good art director/ photoshop whiz on your team. i loved domino's irreverence but the colors on the cover are all wrong, and the font--egads!

in any case i'm looking forward to the mag :) i miss domino so much.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Coming Soon from Domino's Former Market Editor: Lonny
9/15/09 12:55 PM

I have the Ikea Sultan version of this bed and it's awesome! I have a cat and am also cautious, but it's well made and the hydraulics work. It creates a massive amount of storage for you, I really recommend it.

Apartment Therapy New York | Bo Concept Hydraulic Storage Bed
2/9/09 03:51 PM