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My best shower gift was my fully stocked diaper bag. As a first time mom who was the first of my friends to have a baby, it was helpful to see all the things I would need to take with me - I honestly had no idea I'd be lugging all that stuff around.

I like the idea of getting all the refills - that would have been a life-saver. I would maybe add batteries to that list since any item that needs batteries will inevitably need to have those batteries replaced.

The diaper cakes also came in handy. My little one outgrew newborn diapers practically overnight so it was nice to have the next size (and the next and the next) right there to try out without having to run to the store to buy them.

As for sticking to the registry - some of my best gifts came from people who looked at my registry and got stuff I didn't know I'd need. Maybe get an item off the registry for the shower and then, later, give something you'll know they'll need after the baby is born.

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2/22/10 11:33 AM