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I agree with SeanC that Tre was probably the most talented (and professional) chef on the show. I hated to see him go.

I think Top Chef is still a very NYC-state-of-mind restaurant show and that Hung fits the description of a competitive, innovative chef better than any of the contestants. Not that I would vote for him, but if you recall, the original winner of the last season was supposed to be Marcel (a friend of Hung, by the way). There was a mistake in that a gourmet mag (I forget which one) did an online interview of the winner, Marcel, which somehow got posted on the magazine's site and seen by viewers. The producers had to scramble and shoot another ending, hence the ascendancy of Ilan. For all these reasones, I think Hung will win. Not my choice.

Apartment Therapy - Survey: Who Will Win Top Chef Season 3?
9/28/07 12:30 PM

I have a refrigerator in an awkward place and it can't be removed. Covering parts of it with homesote, or another material like corkboard, would be great - but how would one attach the material to a refrigerators surface?

Homasote Fiber Board
5/16/07 12:07 PM