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I like your math, David Millar!
Beautiful beautiful cat.
I have a different question-what makes a long, narrow, tall hallway have more graceful proportions? wall-to-wall carpeting? Walls in two different colors? A mirror? My boyfriend's hallway is only a few feet wide, the ceilings are over 10 feet and it is approximately 30 feet long...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Question About Width of Hall Runner Los Angeles
3/14/09 09:32 PM

i like my radiators naked, but a shelf with a lip that rests just on the top 2 inches or so looks nice too.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Custom Radiator Covers by Boston's Sandcastle
3/5/09 02:31 PM

Darr is a wonderful store and the man who owns it is lovely lovely lovely. Most of his wares are out of my reach, but shopping there is a pleasure. City Foundry makes my skin crawl. I agree with some of the previous comments--esp. about the staff hovering over you. Crazy.

Apartment Therapy New York | City Foundry: Vintage Industrial Finds Updated Post
3/4/09 11:35 PM

This is really amazing--does anyone know of anything like this in New York? I have a friend with no backyard who would really like to plant and grow vegetables. What a great idea/website.

Apartment Therapy DC | Garden Resource: Sharing Backyards DC
3/3/09 11:08 PM

Can either of you tell me how the bed has held up? Did you have to reinforce it in any way? How can I put this...I guess what I am wondering is if the bed would support me and my boyfriend (pleasantly plump (?), larger than, not skinny) during vigorous evening activities...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Modern Four Poster Beds Online?
2/19/09 02:28 PM

Did anybody notice that the clothes he removed at the end of the cycle were dry? Even high rpm euro-style washers can't make the clothes that dry. The only benefit as I see it is that drum washers use less water and this one pulls out completely.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | The Perfect Washing Machine: All Within Reason
2/8/09 12:40 PM