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I've always loved that sofa. But the idea of ordering furniture without sitting on it first scares me. :(

Apartment Therapy Boston | Vintage Library Style Roundup
10/16/09 09:17 PM

I love the little cactus in the tall vase. Is the yellow sofa IKEA too? (Forgive the dumb question, I don't have the catalog memorized like some!)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Giorgia Barbara's 'From Italy to California' Room for Color - West #26
10/16/09 09:12 PM

Seconding the warning on doing this with pets in the house. Unless you keep them out of the bedroom at all times, cats are happily going to sleep in the little cave created by the hanging clothes. Having to do this in my previous closetless bedroom led to lots of cat hair at the hems of everything, not to mention the items she liked to chew when I wasn't looking. And the dust.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | No Closet? Try a Clothing Rack
10/10/09 04:29 PM

I agree about displaying them anyway. I'm sure he won't mind! Where do you even find R's like that? I love the whole idea of this.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ideas to Make Collection Unobtrusive? Good Questions
9/30/09 12:47 AM

I love that plate.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Catherine's Salmon with Capers and Wilted Greens Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009
9/11/09 04:00 PM

I always think organizing bookshelves by color is the equivalent of hanging a giant painting of a rainbow on the wall. It looks like a kids' room. Rainbows aren't really stylish or appealing to me, so why would I want a giant rainbow bookshelf? It can look nice when the different colors are on different shelves around the room, for instance the green, blue, and white sections on one bookcase, and red on another shelf across the room.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Creating Order: ROYGBIV
8/31/09 05:23 PM

emmaduck - It would be helpful if your petsitter does get locked out, then the landlord would know they are who they say they are. Otherwise the landlord might not let them in, and if you can't be reached, that could be trouble.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Prep For A House Sitter
7/8/09 02:30 PM

The owners of this amazing building are awesome people as well, I've known them for many years now and have even been lucky enough to spend time in this place before it became a B&B. I was very excited to discover this post while checking my usual blogs!

Apartment Therapy DC | Charming Bed Breakfast: Lippincott House Philadelphia
7/2/09 04:07 PM

it's very cool but also seems like the hidden office is the only place that feels like a real apartment someone actually lives in and not an art piece.

East Coast Semi-Finalist #3: Victor Soeun’s Romantic Loft
5/16/07 10:46 AM