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This project has the potential to be cute I guess. I feel like doing a coiled basket style rag rug would produce nicer results.

DIY Upcycled Rag Rug Curbly
2/19/13 04:31 PM

Love those built-ins... makes a lot of difference I bet!

Paul's Smart & Stylish Space Savers House Call
2/14/13 03:25 PM

Before I even saw that there were options I thought, 'oh, a sputnik lamp would look great there." So I have to go with 3!

Fill in the Design _________: Pick the Best Lighting for this Dining Room
2/14/13 01:04 AM

Wow, this post really brought me back to my first year History of Art and Design course!

Quick History: Wedgwood

9/17/12 03:34 PM

I feel like we've seen this featured many times already.

The Obliteration Room: An Interactive Color Installation
9/10/12 07:05 PM

I just -last month - bought the biggest, cheapest wardrobe at ikea and wallpapered it in some really beautiful paper to make up for the lack of closets in my otherwise wonderful early 20th C Montreal apartment. Well worth it to have the crown mouldings, ceiling medallions, and other charming features.

Crowded Closet Relief: 8 Modern Wardrobes & Armoires
9/6/12 06:37 PM

I adore this place - I think it's got tons of personality!

RJ & Francis' East/West Coast Loft House Tour
8/31/12 04:31 PM

I recently painted a big mid-century style credenza orange (I was going to refinish it when I discovered that my *teak* craigslist find was veneer!) In any case, I am madly in love with it and so is everyone else. I brought in some orange and green ikea boxes for storage to compliment the orange credenza, you might want to check those out if you're looking for some accents on the cheap. Word of caution: orange paint can take up to six (SIX) coats of paint - if you paint a wall, or a piece of furniture, buy Benjamin Moore or similarly good quality, and buy more than you think you could possibly need :) I heart orange!

Do I Need Accents that Coordinate with Piping Color? Good Questions
8/29/12 11:01 PM

I am saying this in the nicest possible way: have you considered how you might not mind people seeing your room if it was a little nicer up there? All I see right now is a weird centre curtain that looks like it wouldn't block either window, and a futon mattress on the floor with an open sleeping bag for a blanket. Without putting curtains up there's not a whole lot you can do if you want to keep that open airy feeling, so I would suggest putting a little more work into the room itself so you feel better about people seeing it. It doesn't have to be expensive - when I was starting out my whole apartment was furnished by craigslist and the occasional piece from Ikea (and frequently, Ikea from craigslist - the cheapest option going!) A bed frame, a mirror on the wall, a target bed-in-a-bag, a few personal touches - you could go a long way on a tight budget. And September is a great time of year to do so!

How Can I Create a (Semi-)Private Bedroom? Good Questions
8/28/12 10:48 AM

Everyone is giving good advice about painting the walls a neutral first, taking all the red and green out of the room to see what you're working with, etc. Here's a tip (or rather, a rule) I used when I did this a few years ago on a budget: I took all my accessories in a colour group and put them for sale as a 'lot' on a local website (like Craigslist or Kijiji), and sold off all my brightly coloured stuff this way. Maybe there's someone out there who is thinking about decorating with red or green or both, right? Advertise your tablecloth with your curtains and you might make an easier sale (you can always add "willing to sell separately" to the ad). Or have a yard sale.

Then I put all that cash in a jar and made myself promise I would only buy new accessories with the money I made from selling my old accessories. You might be working with more cash than I was back in my college days, but I think even if you don't need the money, you'll feel better about clearing things out if they've gone to a new home and you feel like you got something back for all the time, energy and money you invested in that old colour scheme.

Tips for Gradually Changing My Decor Palette? Good Questions
8/27/12 10:53 PM

My husband's snoring is so loud and awful and erratic that his Best Man made it the subject of his wedding toast. He had surgery to correct his snoring and it didn't take. Next will be a sleep apnea test. Right now he's allowed to sleep in the bed until he wakes me up twice (sometimes I can sleep through it, but I'm a light sleeper), but then he's got to go to the spare room, because I have a job I have to get up for every morning (he works from home). To the people here posting "well, to each their own, but I love my partner too much to ever sleep in another room!" I say to you, I love my husband more than anything in the world, I deeply value our intimacy, and we are very touchy and affectionate. But at 3:45am, if you had my partner, you would kick him out too!

Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
8/27/12 10:40 PM

let's get married.

Jarrett's Architectural Rental in Echo Park House Tour
8/24/12 08:28 PM

That room just screams Don and Megan's cool apartment to me, in my head I am singing Zou Bisou Bisou (sorry for putting it in your head now too, lol). So I would take some - updated - cues from this: http://oystermag.com/inside-don-drapers-new-digs

I would pull out the existing pass-through bar thing, but add back something for dining/ bar in that area, like put a bar (or bar cart) in the bottom left corner of the floor plan, place a funky mid-C sideboard on the right under the passthrough window with some cool vintage lamps, and place a large rectangular table on the bottom right, oriented in the same direction as the room and centred on that big window. You certainly have the space! Then I would divide the upper half of the room towards the fireplace with an oversized L shaped couch and lounge-y chairs facing in from the corners against the stone wall. Make a clear dining/bar side and a clear lounging side. And use all the old tricks - delineate spaces with big area rugs, make the fireplace wall the focal point, and add a projector screen if you can afford it; otherwise put the TV on one side and something like shelves of equal visual "weight" on the other side to balance it out.

Also, think about pulling up the carpets! With that kind of woodwork on the ceiling you might also have something amazing on the floor that just needs refinishing.

Oh and the best advice is go slow. Put the furniture in and see how it feels for a couple weeks. Then paint the walls before you paint those beams - maybe it won't feel so dark after the walls are lighter, etc. Hang the art when you're sure about furniture. Don't put holes in that brick wall until you've sized it up with different options.

Decorating Ideas for Massive Great Room with Stone Feature Wall? Good Questions
8/24/12 03:35 PM

If you want to do a mature, stylish red-yellow-blue combo (in any hue) then you should look to the Bauhaus for inspiration, obviously! Just spend an hour doing google searches and you'll easily find tons of images/ info on this design movement. It will complement your furniture and white walls too. Go bold, graphic, minimalist, and functional...

How To Do Primary-Color Scheme without Looking Childish? Good Questions
8/23/12 10:56 AM

So funny - on the day after we moved in to our new place this month, my husband and I stepped out on to the front porch to admire a thunder/lightning storm (we were from California, where there is no weather) but our new door lock is one of those that you can't tell it's locked from the inside. We were instantly locked out, in our socks, no phones or wallet. So I ran downstairs and pounded on the landlord's door, but the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing and she couldn't hear, so I had to wait between thunder crashes to wail on the window in her front hall. Finally she hears me and comes out, and has to invite us in because she doesn't have the spare, it's at her mother's across town, and of course it's rush hour so she can't leave yet, it would take an hour. So she insists (even though we are obviously putting her out) that we come inside, and we go in (even though we don't want to impose) and we sit on her couch for an hour dripping wet while her naked one-year old runs around and she tries to fold her laundry, which was everywhere, I felt terrible and it was mortifying! Because of this, I am definitely going to hide a key somewhere in a magnetic hide-a-key, but I think I'll do it in the back, not the front, so as to not be discovered from the street. It's too easy to be locked out!

Locked Out: What's Your Back-Up Plan?
8/8/12 03:03 AM

If the chest of drawers is solid wood then it's not ikea - I'll be interested to find out what you learn because I have a very similar solid teak dresser, but longer, with 9 drawers.

Help Identifying Secondhand Furniture? Good Questions
6/29/12 04:30 PM

We are moving - tomorrow! - to a new place that I've only seen in pictures, but I am really excited. We went through an apartment hunting company and our agent was really thorough, including not just numerous photos of the 4 or 5 places we looked at, but also giving us detailed information like who our neighbours would be, if the landlord seemed friendly or flexible (or not), if there was a smell, what condition the paint was in, etc. It really helped us feel confident in our decision. And when we picked our apartment (a big 3.5 bedroom flat) but I still couldn't get a feel for the layout of a couple rooms from the photos, our very accommodating new landlord had her father come over, measure the entire place, and create a very thorough floor plan for us using a program called Magic Plan. I feel like we really lucked out - fingers crossed that it's as good in person as it is on paper!

Going the Distance: Moving Sight-Unseen
6/28/12 03:56 PM

@Dodiegoldney, I actually find #9 the dullest of the group, ha ha - too unified for my liking! I think it looks like one of those collage frames you could buy at Walmart. I guess it speaks to individual senses of aesthetics, as to which appeals the most. I think I like #5 the best, because there are 3D elements to break up all the right angles. I don't have a photo of my own gallery wall (we're moving again next week) but I have a lot of little sculptures, artworks and things like basketry, so I mix in cubes and blocks for displaying these objects amongst the framed works and canvases so that the wall has some depth and texture. Does anyone else do this?

9 Gallery Walls Done Right
6/25/12 05:31 PM

I think you should turn your scarves into a kind of art display by your front entrance - it's very Parisian to have a rack of scarves by the door, so that as you head our you can glance at yourself in the mirror and toss one on to complete your look. How about a mirror, with a long towel rack under neath or to the side, and then a shoe rack underneath, to make a kind of entrance? Maybe something like this:
Or with a hall tree like the one in the second photos here:

How To Display Scarves? Good Questions
6/21/12 07:03 PM

Wow - one post with two hudson's bay company blankets!

10 "Simple Chic" Children's Rooms
6/21/12 06:46 PM