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Noted Toronto architect E.J. Lennox designed a number of T.O. gems; Casa Loma, old City Hall, the King Edward Hotel, and the landmark theatre / movie house at Bloor & Lansdowne that is now home to contemporary art gallery Mercer Union...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Casa Loma: Toronto's Castle in the City
7/15/09 04:17 PM

It's the feelings these objects evoke when we look at them that makes them precious, but I think the reality is that these sentimental objects become cumbersome as we grow older, and frankly irrelevant when stored away in boxes where they never even see the light of day...

I'm not suggesting everything should get tossed, but
why not consider taking photos of certain objects (i.e. childhood stuffed animals, trophies, etc.), and then donating the actual physical item? I think Teddy might be much happier perpetually displayed in a cool photo then festering in a cardboard box in your mom's basement...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Storing Mementos from Your Childhood?
6/8/09 09:35 PM

Forgot to add; I LOATHE ironing. Actually started crying the other day when I finally decided to tackle a huge batch of cotton coordinates I had been putting off...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Our Favorite Chores
5/14/09 11:46 PM

When I embrace my inner homemaker, there's nothing i like better than laundry (instant satisfaction- wear clean, fresh smelling clothes! What could be better!) or vacuuming. Windex-ing various glass / plexi surfaces in my home also gets me hot 'n bothered.
Pathetic, I know.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Our Favorite Chores
5/14/09 11:41 PM

I have this MALM cabinet in my bedroom and absolutely love it, and think it could do the trick in a more spacious bathroom as well:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: The Bathroom Bureau
3/20/09 11:53 AM

Lily's apartment is teeming with high-end contemporary art. I've spied an Elmgreen & Dragset (signage from their Prada Marfa installation), a Kiki Smith, and what I think is a Ryan McGinley photo (maybe Wolfgang Tillmans?)
Colour me jealous.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Gossip Girl Artwork Los Angeles
2/6/09 01:29 AM