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Courtney I'm on your side, too!

My books are part of my decor and I expect people to look at them when they come over. I have a small pile of "special" books on the mantel (they are antiques), a shed-load of coffee table books about The Beatles as a collection in one shelf, floating "invisible" book shelves hold some of my "reading" books, and we have a built-in shelf in the living room that holds even more books and movies. I'm a writer, books are part of who I am and to me they're not meant to be decorative but to be READ. You need to see the titles on the spine if you want to pick one out to read.

My idea of "visual clutter"? Leaving paintings/framed pictures on the floor, leaned against the wall. It makes me feel like they couldn't be arsed to take the time and hang stuff up. And in my house there would always be a dog, cat, or kid knocking the darn things over haha

10 Ideas to Steal from Rue Magazine's Small Space Issue
2/10/14 04:57 PM

Mogden, my house is nuts haha but, it's MINE. Like I said to a friend earlier today, if I want to have a purple glitter pumpkin on my mantel year-round, I will (and I do!) Screw what anyone else thinks, my family and I have fun personalities, and I want our home to reflect that :)

Banish Bland: 5 Ways to Add Personality to Any Space
2/5/14 02:23 PM

I feel like everyone I know has their house painted in neutral colours...which is fine if you're planning to put it on the market. But no, two people I know just moved into homes they custom built last year, and EVERYTHING is neutral...the paint colours, the bathroom and kitchen tiles, generic-looking wood and tile floors, and kitchens that look like the display kitchens at Home Depot. Their houses are just "nice" but have absolutely no personality. Meanwhile, we chose to buy a tiny Cape Cod style cottage built in 1947 and *everyone* comments on how nice and "cute" our house is. I've never seen those comments on the newly built beige houses. When we moved in, everything was neutral because the previous owners painted to sell, but we have added so much colour...a cheery blue in the living room, turquoise and robin's egg blue in the kitchen, a pretty lilac in the bathroom. Every room is a different colour and a weird mish-mash of newer furniture and second-hand stuff bought through Kijiji ads. I'll take my tiny house over their generic-looking subdivision houses any day! Besides, mine has a lower mortgage payment, which just means I can buy more cute things to throw up on the walls :D

Banish Bland: 5 Ways to Add Personality to Any Space
2/5/14 02:09 PM

I removed the doors from the cabinets where I store my dishes, and I don't have a problem with dust or grease at all. They are not along the same wall as the stove, and if there is a bit of dust on a lesser-used serving dish, so what? I wipe it out with a damp cloth before putting it to use.

The other trick is to not have 15 place settings for a family of 4. We have 8 place settings that are in the cupboards. I think that if you are cooking and doing the washing-up every day, and your dishware is actually functional and not just for display, then you don't need to worry about dust and grime building up. I only buy "pretty" dishes if I know for sure I'm going to put them into daily rotation! It keeps the clutter down. If we have house guests and need extra place settings, I have a box of dishes stored out of the way in the basement, no big deal.

In the Mix: 20 Kitchens with a Combination of Cabinets and Open Shelving
1/21/14 02:39 PM

I think that #4 (Catt Sadler's home) is actually two paintings and not two TVs at all. If you look at the entire house tour, she has a tv in a family room on what looks to be a brick fireplace wall. Also, why would you go to the bother of hanging two televisions like that, only to stick a great big lamp in front of them? I'm convinced it's artwork.

Storing the Boob Tube: 10 TV Solutions From Our House Tours
1/15/14 03:12 PM

haha I know! Just move in and make it work until you can replace it...which is *exactly* what I've been doing for the past year! As long as it can physically fit into the room, just take the stick out of your butt and go with it until you can buy a new one.

I find a lot of people on the show seem to have stick-up-butt syndrome. Yes, buying a house is serious business, but you don't have to be so anal about everything! And, if you're a married couple with no kids, just how much square footage do you actually NEED? Childless couple is shown a 3500 square foot house - "Ugh. It's kind of like, small. Where would we put all our like, stuff?" Geeze Louise...we're 4 people in a 1200 square foot house and our stuff fits just fine and we have more than enough space for all of us! Sometimes, we even accommodate overnight guests! *gasp* And, I even work from home and have a dedicated home office! It can be done, people. Bigger is not always better.

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 02:10 PM

When I saw the pic, I was wondering how anyone could get ANY work done sitting on the edge of the sofa with a laptop perched precariously on your lap.

I work from home, and I have a home office that I use only for work purposes. If I try to work anywhere other than my desk, I get distracted way too easily. Lately, I've been at the dining room table because we had a small leak in my office and I still haven't reorganized, and I find I get up and wander around aimlessly a LOT more than I do when I'm tucked away upstairs in my attic office.

As far as clothing, I tend to roll out of bed 5 minutes before starting my day, and I trudge over to my desk to see if I have any email, then get stuck in to work for a while. I typically shower during my lunch break and get dressed before my kid gets home from school, and I tend to wear jeans or super-comfy cotton dress pants, with a nice top, and a hoodie on to keep warm. In summer I wear sun dresses. Once in a while, if I'm feeling blah, I'll throw on flannel pants and a tshirt. I never have video calls or visitors to the house, so I don't need to worry about how I look.

Does What You Wear Matter When You Work From Home?
11/15/13 02:47 PM

This house is one of the best "celebrity" houses I've ever seen. It's really down-to-earth, and a lot of the looks would be easy to recreate on a more modest budget. I love that they have stuff from Target and eBay. I chuckled when I read that they didn't re-do the kitchen due to "cost reasons", though. If us "Average Joes" can do it, then I'm pretty sure Mike D can afford a full kitchen remodel...but I think it also shows where their priorities lie. Sure, they can afford it, by why spend the money and produce a lot of waste by gutting a perfectly usable space? I would move into their space and not change a thing :)

Beastie Boy Mike D's Brooklyn Townhouse The New York Times
6/14/13 07:55 PM