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My mom buys eggs, among other things, from a community co-op. One of the egg cartons she got had previously been drawn and scribbled in with crayons. There's something you don't find with store eggs.

Wonky, Irregular and Lopsided Weekend Meditation
4/13/14 09:33 PM

I just buy the dollar store 2 piece ones, and my bf glues them together for me before I use them. He just sands the handle part (to smooth to glue well otherwise) and uses gorilla glue to glue them. I've had two of these glued now for over a year, and neither have fallen apart yet.

Why I Replaced One Spatula with Two Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
3/7/14 10:47 PM

I'm with the previous commenters. I'm sure a lemon would work, but I'd much rather use the lemon in food, and vinegar works just as well. A small bowl with half vinegar, half water, and follow the directions above.

Maybe if I had a lemon tree in my yard, it would be worth it, but I just paid 99 cents for a single lemon to make lemon meringue pie, and that was way more satisfying than using it to clean the microwave.

Although next time I've juiced and zested a lemon, I might add the rind to the vinegar water to make it smell a little nicer.

How To Clean Your Microwave Naturally With Just a Lemon Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
2/19/14 10:19 AM

One organizing tip I have is to put boxes in the refrigerator. I have two to corral all the bottles and jars of salad dressing, sauces, condiments, etc. The boxes keep these from getting lost in the back of the fridge or blocking other things, and when I want something, I can just pull the whole box forward to find it. This also keeps leaks from jars contained. I just use cardboard boxes cut down for height and replace when they get too dirty, but I think plastic storage boxes would work great as well.

Something else I did, is stop using tupperware/gladware, and just reuse the containers that I buy sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc, in. I use them both for leftovers in the fridge, and for freezing meal components, so I need quite a number of them. They come in three sizes, and stack very compactly so I can have a lot in a small space. The lids for all the sizes are interchangeable, so I'm never hunting for just the right lid for a certain container. I keep the lids in a small shoebox in the cupboard. These plus a few cream cheese containers for small bits and margarine tubs for bigger storage, are all that I use. They are free with the food I buy, and constantly replenishing if I break one, want to send some food home with someone, or let something go way past it's prime in one.

My last tip is to copy down your most frequently used recipes, and tape them inside the cupboard doors. This makes it very quick to look up a recipe without having to dig out a cookbook. Plus I love going to my parent's house, and seeing the recipes I first learned to cook as a kid written there in my grade school printing.

What's Your Genius Kitchen Organizing Tip? Tell Us What Makes You Proud! Reader Intelligence Request
2/19/14 01:16 AM

I like to add a little beef broth or beef pan drippings, then let it cook in for a bit. In a pinch, I'll even just add a little oxo or similar seasoning.

8 Ways to Make Any Pasta Sauce Instantly More Amazing Tips from The Kitchn
1/16/14 08:42 PM

I know this is an old post, but maybe this will help some people.

For those of you complaining about no dishwasher and single sinks, this is how I efficiently do dishes in one sink. First, fill the sink with just a couple inches of hot soapy water, and add your cutlery. Wash that, and rinse under running water into the sink. Then put in knives and smaller utensils, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc, then water glasses maybe. Wash and rinse, then you have enough water to submerge a stack of plates, then bowls, then you have a sink full enough to wash your larger pots and pans.

This is quite water efficient because your rinse water becomes wash water for the next dishes. Sometimes you have to drain some of the water partway through if the sink gets too full, but I can wash a large counter of dirty dishes in only one sink of water.

Also I find this better than washing in one tub and rinsing in another because that way when you rinse in one basin, the soap from those dishes floats to the top of the water, and then is redeposited on all the other dishes you rinse.

And for those of you who hate handwashing dishes period, cranking up the tunes or listening to a podcast helps the time go by.

How to Have a Gorgeous and Organized Kitchen!

11/24/13 10:46 AM

I always add just a bit (maybe 1/8 tsp) to my hummus, just for a little background flavor, and a bit to my split pea soup for the same reason.

In Defense of Curry Powder
6/17/13 02:22 PM

How about peanut butter crackers, or some other nut butter? I prefer mine on good old saltines, but a whole grain or seedy cracker would probably be a healthier choice.

Best Snacks & Meals to Pack for an All-Day Exam? Good Questions
6/17/13 02:04 PM

I love it in chicken salad for sandwiches, also in chicken pasta salads.

What Are Some Good Ways to Use Sumac? Good Questions
5/24/13 03:13 PM

No bake cheesecake. Well the crust is baked, but just for a few minutes. You could buy a premade crust to avoid that need if necessary.

Enter to Win a Copy of Bakeless Sweets by Faith Durand! Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/9/13 04:43 PM

I do this with mango pits too. Although my ritual of sucking on the mango pit is always followed by another ritual, flossing my teeth. I get so many mango strings stuck in there I have to go floss right away or they drive me crazy.

Another chef's treat I love, I learned from my dad. After serving a platter of steak or sliced roast, there is always a puddle of juice left behind. He taught me to soak it up with a slice of bread and enjoy.

One I discovered myself is eating pieces of meat that fall off the bones while making beef stock. I usually make it from bones leftover from steak or cooked roasts, so they have some of that browned flavor, and they are so tender after boiling in the stock for so long. I don't like the meat leftover from chicken stock though. It gets a weird texture.

Why I Secretly Suck on Mango Pits in the Kitchen (And So Should You)
5/9/13 03:09 PM

It snowed here yesterday and they're calling for more today. I made my first ever lasagna yesterday, loosely following the instructions I found on here, and it turned out really good. And I have plenty of leftovers too, both the lasagna itself, and some rolls that I made by mixing the leftover meat sauce and cheese filling, and rolling it in the leftover noodles (my pan wouldn't hold another layer).

And I'll be making chicken and veggie gravy and biscuits probably tomorrow. This is pretty much like chicken pot pie, but I just make the filling and a batch of biscuits, then serve it either with the filling ladled over the biscuits, or a bowl of the filling to dip the biscuits in.

We need some warm comfort food to deal with this weather.

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 6-7, 2013
4/6/13 04:18 PM

I actually really like the white. I would just leave it how it is.

Wall Color Ideas with Dark Kitchen Cabinets? Good Questions
4/1/13 09:51 PM

Make another pulled pork roast.... or a beef roast. Same technique, just slow cook it in the sauce until it falls apart. Bbq chicken pizza sounds great too.

What Can I Do with Leftover BBQ Sauce? Good Questions
3/12/13 06:18 PM

absc - works well for french toast too.

Did You Know That You Can Freeze Pancake Batter?
3/5/13 11:25 AM

I prefer to cook my bacon all at once, then freeze it. I cut it into either half strips or smaller pieces. Then leave it to drain and dry for a bit, then throw it all into a ziploc bag in the freezer. If you give it some time to dry, it doesn't stick together. I also save the grease from cooking it in a jar in the fridge.

I find that adding the bacon from the freezer plus some of the grease in place of oil or butter in place of other fat in the recipe (say to fry onions) is just as good as cooking from raw, and can cut a bit of prep time. It also creates less waste because you don't need the wax or parchment paper.

If you leave it in half strips, several seconds in the microwave reheat it perfectly to go alongside your breakfast, with almost no hassle or dirty dishes.

My only problem is that having precooked bacon in the freezer, makes bacon look like a pretty good snack.

How to Freeze Individual Slices of Bacon Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/26/13 02:36 PM

Two ways I have found work for me. First is a foreman grill. They always come out of there really juicy for me. I guess cooking them from both sides at once cooks them fast enough they don't dry out. The second is to bake them in a can of cream of mushroom soup with a half a can of water. Although the 'gravy' from that is the real benefit for me, not the pork itself. I just love it over rice. I'm sure you could use a homemade mushroom soup substitute if you didn't want to use the canned stuff.

How Do I Cook Perfectly Tender Pork Chops? Good Questions
2/2/13 07:01 PM

Oops, forgot to add that I coat them in oil before roasting.

Roasted Garlic Five Ways
1/14/13 07:51 PM

I use my toaster oven. I make a boat out of foil and roast in that, for easier cleanup, but any small oven safe bowl or ramekin would work fine.

I pull the cloves apart, but don't peel them. Then when they're roasted and slightly cooled, you can just squeeze them and they pop right out of the skins.

As for uses, I put mine in hummus. I add a whole head, and the roasting makes it so mild and mellow that it doesn't taste garlicky at all. In fact, I usually add a little raw chopped in addition to the roasted to get enough flavor.

Roasted Garlic Five Ways
1/14/13 07:50 PM

Why would 'milk sociable' have been in there at all? If the two words are in there individually, the combination of them is not a new word. We don't have entries for 'big dog' or 'hot coffee' for the same reason.

Milk Sociable, Chestnutting, and Sours: Food Words Deleted From the Dictionary
11/29/12 11:59 AM