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Wow, I wish I could find that piece for $20 at a garage sale! LOVE the purple, looks like it would be found in a nook at Royal Tenenbaum's house. It looks like it just needed a deep cleaning and some new pillows. The after must fit her tastes better though. Its not easy reupholstering!

Before & After: $69 Loveseat Makeover
The Turquoise Piano

8/21/11 01:27 AM

Hahaha, am I the only one cracking up that Missoni/Target is compared to Kermit the Frog/Muppets Take Manhattan here?

Anyway, I have bought a few things from Target/designer collabs and some end up garbage right away and some last for a while. I'm not expecting ten years out of a $35 investment.

How Target Hyped Its Campaign for Missoni
5/20/11 10:56 PM

I agree with bepsf. Just needed new curtains and flooring. Maybe the cabinets needed restaining?

Before & After: $1,200 Kitchen Makeover
Fresh Home Magazine

5/16/11 04:45 PM

This post is a perfect example of why I rarely read the comments on AT anymore. So overly critical and annoying! I come on here for ideas; this gives some people an idea of maybe even using a canvas they already have but don't like the painting as much anymore. Maybe someday Stephanie will grow tired of the deer head and remember a cute painting underneath. Or she will put a different printed canvas over it.

I say, do whatever you want, people! Hang up an awkwardly painted but charming house or put a deerhead, bird, silhouette, keep calm and carry on whatever over it. Getting over-righteous about a thrift store painting is a little silly.

Before & After: Thrift Store Painting Transformed
Under The Table and Dreaming

2/10/11 12:54 PM

I was totally inspired by the rococco interiors of Schloss Charlottenburg when I toured it in 2007. I really wanted to get to Sanssouci on my trip as well but didn't make it. Too many great museums in Berlin! Thanks for the armchair tour! :)

Everything Old is New Again: Sanssouci Edition

2/3/11 04:38 PM

YAY! I love that house! I used to live up the hill from there. They have a little water fountain to the left for people and dogs. I used to walk down there and get a drink and admore their flowers. Thanks for the nice memory reminder! :)

The Most Flower-ful House I've Ever Seen
Flickr Find

1/31/11 04:56 PM

Please don't recover that chair it is SO cool and does NOT look like a bachelor pad chair! This coming from a single, very feminine woman. I like the idea of throwing a sheepskin on it or maybe a hide pillow.

Suggestions For Recovering Vintage KOSUGA Chair?
Good Question

1/21/11 07:25 PM

Wow, I had no idea those apartments have such awesome kitchens! I have driven by them many times. The location can't be beat - right by the river! YAY for MPLS love!

Jose & Ben's Light and Cheery Apartment
House Tour

1/19/11 10:33 PM

My entire apartment is one reading 'nook'.

Before & After: Closet Turned Reading Nook on Ohdeedoh
1/18/11 07:14 PM

I'm gluten and lactose intolerant. I've made gluten free, lactose free vegetarian lasagna that was killer. Your choice of vegies, gf marinara sauce (Trader Joes or Newman's Own), 'mozerella' almond nut cheese, and if they are okay with goat cheese like I am that is also awesome. Chevre between layers and the almond milk cheese on top. It melts enough to be tasty! Even gluten tolerant people liked my lasagna. Pair with an italian red wine and some mixed greens. Voila!

A Romantic, Make-Ahead Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Dinner?
Good Questions

1/11/11 05:32 PM

Ha, prints like that one are so chic right now! I'd leave it, buy a new pillow and recover the foot stool.

Upholsterers & Upholstery for Favorite Chair?
Good Questions

1/11/11 12:52 PM

Yay! I'm allergic to bananas, too!

Oh, and these egg substitutes will come in real handy - I have some friends who are allergic! Thanks!

Vegan Egg Substitutes: Ingredients, Products, and Tips
1/11/11 12:19 PM

My Dad grew up in Detroit. I went to visit my Grandmother and we drove through all their old neighborhoods. It was heart breaking to see the house my grandmother grew up in boarded.....and has been since torn down. Driving along the interstate there are miles of what looks like war torn areas. It was so sad. But then we went to the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Henry Ford Museum. I realized there is so much potential in Detroit.

The Ruins Of Detroit: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre
1/8/11 09:04 PM

I was just telling someone today how much I love mine and that I really need to go through my kitchen and get rid of things like a potato masher and other things I don't need because I have that.

Immersion Blenders: Should You Buy One?
1/5/11 05:29 PM

Love the idea of a splash of brandy. But why serve it cold? I love hot fruit.

Recipe: Caramelized Plum Soup
1/4/11 09:59 PM

here's that recipe!

What Are Some Ways to Eat More Greens with Breakfast?
Good Questions

12/27/10 04:07 PM

What about that polenta/bacon/greens/fried egg recipe they had on this website not that long ago? I made that several times last winter - super delish! (maybe make with olive oil instead of bacon fat to be healthier)

What Are Some Ways to Eat More Greens with Breakfast?
Good Questions

12/27/10 04:06 PM

I have a little sleeping alcove and I made it that way with a curtain, a room divider and my headboard against the wall. I love it. Its my little 'sleeping spot'. :)

Great Alcove Beds That Will Inspire You
12/2/10 04:24 PM

When I found out I was allergic to dairy I wasn't about to give up chocolate so I converted to dark. A few of the brands I love are Dagoba, Lindt, Ritter Sport, and a local Minneapolis chocolatier B.T. McElrath: the Salty Dog bar is heavenly. Now I find Hershey's and Mars disgusting. You can call me pretentious if you'd like, but I want the good stuff or nothing at all. :)

Has Chocolate Gone Too Far?
11/24/10 03:08 PM

I have 20+ tea cups. I've stacked them up on top of my secretary desk. Saucers are stacked in back and the cups are stacked towards the front. I have mixed in a little modern figurine - like this one:
and a coordinating book (Domino's book to be exact) that I set some of the teacups on top of. I also have a set of antlers and an antique photograph hung above it. To me it feels modern but romantic. I think you could find a spot to show case a few at a time or all of them on a shelf or side table. I like using them for punch when I have parties as well.

How to Display Tea Cup Collection in a Modern Way?
Good Questions

11/18/10 10:17 AM