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I can't make out all the letters, but here's what I got
sleep fi?t
make love
talk cry
think kiss
lau listen

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10/7/11 01:17 PM

This blog has a series of entries from someone who made his own.

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3/18/10 01:03 PM

Any solutions for glass that's not easy to remove, like glass panes in cupboard doors? There's window film for exterior windows that's designed to protect against storm damage and break-ins, but it requires professional installation. Do any plastic window films sold in big-box stores for things like UV protection also keep glass shards in place if hit by a toy or errant broom handle, for example?

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10/14/09 07:59 PM

Better Homes and Gardens had a picture a while back of bookshelves labeled with Scrabble tiles.

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9/10/09 05:02 PM

You could take a look at some 1920s kitchen styles and color schemes at and

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