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Hello Home is the FABULOUS! And the owner is sweet as pie.

Hello Home: An Eclectic Boutique With Mid-Century Roots
Store Profile

10/14/11 11:23 AM

Are those Ikea Rast dressers/nightstands in the bedroom? If so, nice paint job. I love how so many people have been able to take those dressers and put their own stamp on them.

Jennifer's "Surprise on the Inside" Ranch
House Call

8/19/11 09:40 PM

In my ideal version of HGTV's Design Star, the judges would be Jonathan Adler, Todd Oldham, and Candace Olson...

Jonathan Adler - The Gift Fair
Javits Center, New York

8/16/11 07:06 PM

I don't think I understand what "industrial" is, because some of these don't seem at all industrial to me. The shelf in the last photograph, for example.

Industrial Design Details from House Tours

6/22/11 10:04 AM

I'm not sure I'd classify the Echino and Nigella fabrics as upholstery weight. They'd be ok for an ottoman or the seat of a dining chair, but they're really not sturdy enough for pieces like the chair pictured - at least, not if you plan to use them daily. Re-upholstery takes a lot of time, there's no point in using a fabric that won't hold up and will need to be replaced in a year or so.

Five Fun and Quirky Upholstery Fabrics
6/15/11 09:50 AM

@pheebs79, I'm pretty sure those are both by Wayne Pate. You should be able to buy them on his website.

Lindsay's Cozy Compromise
4/11/11 04:53 PM

Gah, I wish we could edit comments. Sorry for the bold.

Where To Furniture Shop In Philadelphia?
Good Questions

4/9/11 08:58 AM

Good grief. I wasn't going to comment but I feel forced to correct some of the inaccuracies listed above.

Big Box Stores: In Philadelphia proper</>, a 10 minute drive from Center City are a bunch of big box stores all together. This is probably your best bet if you need stuff quickly. There's:
Raymour and Flanigan
Pier 1
Walmart (whatever, it's there, I'm just sayin')
There's also a Lowe's and a Home Depot which you'll probably need.

In Center City (Philadelphia's downtown) there's a cluster of pricier options, all within walking distance of each other including:
West Elm
Luxe Home
Bo Concept

In Old City (just beyond Center City) there's another cluster of pricier options. I don't know them all offhand but I know there's Minima and Dane Decor. There are definitely others though, either walk around when you get here or look them up on the internet.

In Manayunk (still in Philly proper but about a 25 minute drive from Center City) there are a bunch of (pricier) stores along Main Street including:
Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware
Ligne Roset

Those are your best bets for shopping expeditions. All of the stores mentioned have websites so you can check out the options before you go.

For secondhand options Craigslist is usually a good bet, and I LOVE Uhuru Furniture (in Center City) but you have to go often because the merch turns over FAST.

For housewares and some smaller pieces (i.e. no couches or beds), you should definitely explore some of the smaller independent retailers (also in Center City and most within walking distance of each other). These include:
Open House and Verde (on 13th Street)
Hello Home and S.H.A.G. (on Pine Street)
The owners of the 2 stores on Pine are super nice (the others might be too, I've just never met them)

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should get you started. Regarding safety: Philly is like any other city. Keep your eye open and your wits about you and you'll be fine. Welcome!

Where To Furniture Shop In Philadelphia?
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4/9/11 08:57 AM

I feel your pain. I also live in a narrow Philly row house with a first floor that is between 9' and 12.5' wide. I like Dulcibella's suggestion but I share Evergirl's concern that your space must be very dark. If you're considering renovations at all, I'd suggest getting rid of the half bath (that's what we did in our place - they're awkward in the middle of the main living space anyways) and opening the kitchen up to the rest of the space with maybe a bar. You'll have more space and flexibility in your furniture layout and light from the back window will also flow into the main space. I'd also make sure both exterior doors have glass panes to let some extra light in.

How To Arrange Furniture In Narrow Living Room?
Good Questions

3/31/11 09:33 AM

I, too, am surprised that a decorator was involved. It feels unfinished. The house is certainly lovely and the furniture is mostly fine, I think just changes to the textiles (especially the window seat) and some new accessories would freshen it right up.

There's a difference between a house that feels like it hasn't changed in half a century and a house that feels current but where the historic details have been preserved.

Ellen & Derek's 'Professor's Row' Home
House Call

3/18/11 02:41 PM

@nycagnes: I think BK Phil was being sarcastic :)

Look! IKEA's Nod to Jens Risom with Poang Chair
3/3/11 01:35 PM

I think it looks loads better, but I do think cabinet handles would make it feel more "finished".

Before & After: Dated Kitchen Transformation
2/15/11 04:10 PM

I KNEW the house looked familiar. Glad to know I'm not going crazy... at least, not today.

Kristen and Mike’s Mid-Century Oasis
House Tour

1/25/11 04:00 PM

wow, I'm going to stop complaining about my rowhouse (12.5" wide on the first floor) now. Compared to these, it's a castle!

A Peek Inside: 5 Super Narrow City Spaces
1/12/11 07:06 PM

Another vote here for the back wall. Hang artwork in dark (or black) frames in different sizes around it to help make it seem less prominent.

Space Planning: Where Do I Put the TV?
1/12/11 10:43 AM

I think your furniture will work nicely in the new place if you paint the fireplace surround white. As someone else pointed out, the wood tones of your furniture work well with the window seat. After that, I think almost any cool color (to counteract the red in the wood) will work.

Painting Ideas for New Master Bedroom with Fireplace?
Good Questions

1/11/11 02:11 PM

einnac, you read my mind! I'm in Philly too and I was just thinking "man, those little California houses are SO adorable!!!"

(and so much brighter than rowhouses)

Melissa's Beach Town Bungalow
House Tour

1/10/11 05:01 PM

Doesn't camouflaging the TV with a cover designed to look like an old school TV screen bring more, rather than less attention to the television? Or is that just me?

It's a cute pattern though, but I personally would rather see it on a pillow.

That said, as far as "TV-hiders" go, at least it's better than this:

Hiding the TV in Plain Sight: Test Pattern TV Cover
1/7/11 07:44 PM

I love the combination of the all black with the fluffy white rug. It feels like an irreverent mashup of heaven and hell.

Bill Goes All Black
House Tour

11/15/10 04:01 PM

Love that green bar cart! Can't believe you found that in an alley.

Sarah & Jon's Exposed Brick Beauty
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10/14/10 03:54 PM