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The best I’ve seen is a bamboo covering in a bathroom. It made the pipe look like a knotty tree, or a round wooden vertical beam.
On the natural, woodish theme, what about wrapping the pipes in a type of flexible placemats made of sticks? Similar to figure E and F here.,,DIY_13748_2274017,00.htm
Sticks wouldn’t insulate, but they’d protect you against burns.
Or you could try wrapping the pipes in an insulating fabric like a blanket, or fabric covered insulation blanket or cardboard…
I’ve also seen a thin, vertical panel of cloth acting as a screen or curtain to camouflage a pipe. You could still see the pipe, but the fabric acted as an interest piece to take attention away from it.

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2/12/09 08:39 PM

Do it yourself Period Panty
Here’s a do it yourself period panty into which ladies can place a re-usable cloth for that time of the month. You will thank yourself at least once a month, your pocketbook will thank you as you pass the feminine products aisle at the drug store , the earth will thank you at trash collection time.
Materials and Cost ~$5 or less per
Panty $2 – free (re-use older ones from the back of your panty drawer)
Hose $1 - free (re-use ones with runs, knee highs, droopy elastic etc)
Needle & Thread .25 – free (from your mending kit)
Absorbent Cloth $3. –free (re-use microfiber, old towels etc)
Cut a 4” length tube from a nylon stocking.
Sew the 4 corners of the nylon tube to the 4 corners of the inside of the panty crotch.
Your panty now has an envelope to hold an absorbent material.
My favorite cloth is a super absorbent felt-like orange cloth I bought from a loud mouthed TV salesman. I have used an orphan tube sock, old towels, and microfiber cloths (next favorite, get from the car washing section of Target, Walmart, CVS).
Cut the orange cloth into strips 6”wide and 23”long.
Fold the orange cloth in half lengthwise. Center fit the strip under the nylon, then fold the hanging out ends back over the nylon tube.
Try it for starters as a backup for a tampon or menstrual cup. Next, try it when you can stay close to a bathroom and other options while you gain confidence.
Prerinse in the sink before washing with your regular laundry.

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