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I'd just like to comment on this post, as I am the person being referred to in this article. A few points, and not that these necessarily justify anything but just so my viewpoint can be heard:

-I juggle two extremely time-hoarding jobs and have very little free time, so as many posters have commented, 'something's gotta give'. In my case, while I would like a clean home, I simply don't have the time to take care of it as much as I'd like, and I would rather spend that time on other things, and when I say time is limited I really mean that.

-I am single. I think this is a huge factor. I am fully aware that not having a spic and span place is also detrimental to getting out of this current situation as many women would not want to step foot in a dirty environment. I really like the quote by user akay that says:

"I've found that my motivation for cleaning is to make others comfortable. If the cleaning is solely for my benefit... shrug. If half my couch is covered with folded laundry, there's plenty of room for me on the other side of the couch. No biggie."

-In any case, my dear friend Grace has been a great motivator for me to get my ish together, as even though it's not a large factor right now, I also realize that from a socially-acceptible standpoint it is expected. As an aside she also helped me rearrange my living room which now looks pretty great. So Grace, next time you come over prepare to have your mind blown! And if not well...you can at least count on the sheets to be changed =)

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12/17/09 01:25 PM

Wow...I want.

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