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i'm in! reuse recycle baby!

Apartment Therapy New York | AT's Big Thursday Give: Over 400 Pop Music CD's
4/11/08 11:16 AM

where is the coffee table from the before pics from? i love it. Also, love the way you guys set up the eating space. the posters/ pics on the wall look rad.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! ATLA Holiday Gift Bag Winner's "Before and After"
4/4/08 12:48 PM

i thought cork took a long time to grow and threfore isnt the greenest of options?

Apartment Therapy - Blogging New York Spaces... All Things Cork
11/21/07 07:40 AM

gorgeous work- i checked out yoru site. really great stuff. Esp essex house pic. Is this fog pic in Rockaway beach?

Apartment Therapy - Through My Window: Untitled (Fog)
10/5/07 01:59 PM

so cool. how much is it?

Apartment Therapy - Thout Design's UtiliTILE Hallway Organization
10/1/07 09:53 AM

not green- already too much in the rug. I like the blue but a wall might be too bright with the color you have now. I might try a periwinkle or light blue. def not brown- it'll drag it down too much and the rug doesnt seem to suit it. i think blue will make it bright, airy and whimsical!

Good Questions: What Color for My Office?
8/6/07 07:55 PM

if you live in brooklyn st marys is great, they pick up right from your doorstep. :)


Good Questions: Donation Resources?!?
7/11/07 03:36 AM

i took a class with Wendy at SVA and remember seeing some of her work. cool lady. this one is the most realisitic one yet. I have a postcard of hers that looks like colorful underwater plants. so fun!

The Gallery: Wendy Small
6/21/07 05:56 PM

its sad to me that a middle to lower class area will now be built up even more and exposed and it will change. I have to say though that i love the new fairway i love fairway and go quite often so maybe i can't talk to this point. I guess i would like to see something positive besides check out jobs being brought into the area. Does anyone know if thats happening? or will happen with ikea? The Middle school there is horrific. My friend taught there and said rats and mice were rampant. Ikea can donate some furniture and money to the schools there and maybe they will be better recieieved. Just a thought.

Look!: Ikea Rising in Red Hook
6/15/07 12:46 PM

i live in windsor terrace brooklyn,have been talking about my local CSA all spring only find out last week that they're all booked. Anyone out there know another brooklyn CSA? what was cool about this one was they had fruits, veggies and FLOWERS!! thanks! -dolly

Virtual CSA Box: What's in Your Box?
6/10/07 08:01 PM

i grew up in NY but in rockaway-- a little beach community. walked 2 blocks to the beach, around the neighborhood barefoot and was outside all summer long... nostalgia!

AT Survey: Childhood Summers
6/6/07 01:41 PM

any idea where on earth i can get a tent like the dream tent from urban? i live in a large studio and something like that would be perfect for a guest i have coming in a few days! any ideas welcome!

Slinksn. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
5/29/07 11:54 AM

this is gorgeous! i want to see the bedroom! also, where did you get those planters- yes floating plants- that sit high on the window? I want them!

#22 - 42anderson's Love, Eat, Party
4/23/07 05:24 PM

where'd you get the table? nice and skinny- just what i need!

#9 - Randall's Bases-Loaded
4/20/07 04:40 AM