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A local restaurant serves it with hot buttered biscuits at their brunch. Delicious! You could probably throw some ham in the same biscuits and take them on a picnic. Now, how do I make my own sweet pepper jam?

What Are Some Creative Ways to Eat Sweet Chili Jam? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/14/10 10:06 AM

I live in a basement apartment in DC, renting from my landlord who lives in the house above me. About two weeks ago I started to notice the sound of an animal rustling about above me (I couldn't quite pinpoint the exact location). It sounded not unlike what I would expect if a pet hamster escaped and was roaming about. In the past few days these rustlings have graduated to include the sound of gnawing of hard surfaces. The landlord owns cats so when I contacted him about the sounds I was ignored (literally). Other visitors also claim it's the cats but do cats gnaw? We live in a very high rat population area and the house is very old and hasn't been renovated. Given these circumstances, I was surprised that homeowners would be so blase about such a possibility. But maybe others with actual rat experience have a better clue on whether my instincts are correct or if I'm overreacting (as has been insinuated).

(extra note: I'm not really concerned that whatever it is would make its way into either domicile, esp. since they have cats, but I can't live here listening to a family of rodents grow above my head.)

Apartment Therapy DC | Open Thread 10 Washington, DC
2/2/09 11:31 AM