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Lady J - I agree.

NO ONE rolls my Cote Suds, Marie Claire Maisons, Elle Decors, or Living Etcs.

But Lordy, do I ever need to find a stylish solution for library of 200+ back issues

Magazine Mania: Organized Storage Solutions
9/13/10 04:08 PM


Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Modern, Small, Prefab: Idea Box
10/1/09 03:08 PM

matsaywhat: Thanks! Glad you like it!

madsarah: You're so sweet. Somebody out there luvs ya! Bless your heart!


Apartment Therapy New York | Can Etsy Save the Economy? Wired Magazine
3/19/09 03:59 PM

StudioStarter - thanks for that.

I really appreciate you taking the time to look around my shop, and I really appreciate your input.

The point I was trying to focus on was that it's simply common courtesy to respond to an introductory e-mail whether you intend to feature the artist, or not.

Apartment Therapy New York | Can Etsy Save the Economy? Wired Magazine
3/19/09 10:59 AM

Ok madsarah, here's how it is. Don't bother posting a retort, because you've got nothing else to say about this. Your original comment was uneccesarily harsh, and you know it.

As often as AT monitors sfgirlbybay, I think it's a bit shady they would throw her under the bus like this.

Apartment Therapy doesn't ASK an artist or company if they can write about their product. They just do it.

They steal photos from websites or other design blogs, and then the poster writes up a short paragraph about it, all the while soliciting comments.

There's no such thing as asking permission in the blogoshpere. Trust me. I can't tell you how many bloggers have swiped pictures from my Etsy shop without asking, and then gotten into full on discussions about the messages I try to convey. WITHOUT ME.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | New Poster from SFGirlbyBay
3/19/09 10:42 AM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Maria Adlersson's FlatFeatured in Sköna Hem
3/18/09 02:25 PM

Quite frankly, bloggers at Apartment Therapy have the power, and quite frankly the OBLIGATION to promote as many Etsy artists as they want to, but getting them to acknowledge even an introductory e-mail from one of them (ME) is virtually impossible.

I've sent two recent e-mails introducing myself and my shop to APT, and no one has even bothered responding.

While APT has featured many Etsy sellers, they also seem to refuse to acknowledge that most of its readers aren't in a financial position to purchase the big ticket items like Eames rockers, Paola Navone sideboards, Patricia Urquiola crocheted runners, or new kitchens.

I'd like to see APT feature even more Etsy sellers than they currently do.

Etsians (yes, that's what we're called!) are more accessible and affordable than the fancy American/Euro/Australian/Middle Eastern/Asian designs we ALL pine away for.

I started my Etsy venture in January simply because I wanted to sell designs and small format posters I had done for myself to a greater audience than friends and family. I didn't want mass-produced artwork on my walls because I'm a designer and I have the capability (not to mention the computer programs) of designing original pieces for myself.

I think people are tired of big box decorating, and Etsy fills that niche. Pretty basic stuff, really.

If your lucky enough to be mentioned on a design blog such as Design*Sponge, as I was on February 20th (thanks Grace!!!!), your sales will undoubtedly sky rocket initially, and then remain steady from then on, hopefully.


Apartment Therapy New York | Can Etsy Save the Economy? Wired Magazine
3/18/09 09:32 AM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Erica Tanov's Home on Re-Nest
3/11/09 10:05 AM

Awesome - love these!

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3/9/09 09:13 AM


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3/5/09 11:17 AM

So fun. I like it!

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3/5/09 11:12 AM

Lardo is fantastic, just don't eat too much of it!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's the Deal with Lardo?
3/5/09 11:11 AM

Wow - really pretty!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Etsy Find: Recycled Felt Pillows by Alexandra Ferguson
3/3/09 03:56 PM

I love these!!!!!!!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | DIY: Turn Empty Tin Cans Into Hanging Lights
3/2/09 04:04 PM

I've always been a huge fan of armchairs in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Spotlight: Megan and Sarah's Orange Nook
3/2/09 03:59 PM

Green is such a great color for a kitchen. Love these.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Gallery: Green Like Spring Peas
3/2/09 03:57 PM

I agree - all of there are fantastic.


Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ten Things I Love: Renee's Kitchen Flowers and Art
3/2/09 03:54 PM

Very nice - I like all of these.

I have a few prints in my shop that would have been perfect for this post!


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3/2/09 03:52 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Make Coasters from Cocktail NapkinsFrom DIY Maven on Curbly
2/18/09 01:22 PM

Now THIS is the kind of space I imagine my posters hanging in!


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2/18/09 01:11 PM