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Nice find Greg.

But I'm looking for an LP cabinet/credenza that isn't crazy expensive to hold my Marantz 2275 receiver, LP's and Pro-ject Carbon TT while looking modern and stylish in the listening room.

Something like this from Symbol Audio (but they will want and arm/leg/first born for it):

Crosley 45 RPM Record Carrier Case Daily Tech Find
7/27/13 12:51 AM

Looks very nice! I'd have to really dig into the specs but the price is right.

I almost went with them on Kickstarter but in the end bought a Pro-ject Carbon. I'm listening to Radiohead's OK Computer right now as I type this.

Although my vinyl collection is small and at times unorganized I'm very appreciative that we still have companies out there making great products that give us the ability to spin a 33 or 45 is still alive!

U-Turn Audio Orbit Turntable Daily Tech Find
6/18/13 06:45 PM

Ryan & Michele,
I to have been through the pains of a house fire. I literally lost everything except what I was wearing that day. Fighting off the trauma and coming back stronger shows your character!

Lauren C - I was glad to see someone else knew this rule as well!

The only time you'll see the stars on the right is on our men and women's military uniforms. Their right shoulder will have the stars and stripes facing the "incorrect" way. The flag on a uniform will never look like it is running away.

Michele and Ryan's New Beginning House Tour
6/8/13 12:03 PM

It features elements of a Goetz sofa.

IKEA Stockholm Couch In Green Velvet ICFF 2013
5/18/13 10:39 PM

Who makes those speakers (next to the guitar) in the first picture?

A Riot of Color and Texture in Melbourne HomeLife
5/14/13 08:20 PM

Thanks for including the chair options. I can't stress enough how important an ergo chair is for desk tasks.

But we also must remember to get up on your feet during the day. Studies do show that the chair is literally killing us in the workplace.

Pro Upgrades for a Small Business Home Office
4/30/13 01:08 PM

I recently picked up a Marantz 2275 receiver and I'm snooping around for either a Technics SL series turntable or a new belt drive Pro-Ject Carbon to play my recently donated to me record collection.

I'm on the hunt for a pair of Walsh Ohm speakers to compliment, but I have been eyeing the Sennheiser cans to keep the neighbors happen at night. They seem to get great reviews whenever they are featured.

Leather and Stitch: Fashionable Headphones
4/17/13 10:45 PM

I'm in the same boat as you. I have a downstairs basement remodel in the planning stages and I need to start planning for the wiring for a projector or flat screen.

Decisions, Decisions: Projection Screen Systems vs. Large Display HDTVs
3/25/13 11:31 PM

Man.....screw the board/card games. I want to thumb through those LP's, pick my favorite band to play and spin the platters on those turntables. I bet that setup sounds great!

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/7/13 11:04 PM

Gorgeous! The poster of the design legends was from the June '62 issue of Playboy. I have a copy that I like to read every once in a while.

Pretty weird how tame Playboy was back then with their centerfolds/playmates.

Lofty Expectations Turned Into Loft-Like Basement Renovation and Home Office DeskTops - The Best of Home Office Desks
2/5/13 02:20 AM

Same here on the desks!

Paul and Liz's Home Office Compromise Lifework
2/5/13 01:04 AM

Who makes that side table next to the chair in the first picture?

An Airy Cottage Remodel Better Homes and Gardens
1/22/13 11:33 PM

I purchased my Omega Speedmaster through grey market channels. I was worried about the warranty too but landed up not needing it in the end.

Would I do it again? Depends on the product.

What Is The Gray Market & Is It Safe Or Legal To Buy From Unauthorized Resellers?
12/29/12 03:10 AM

Settle down Branshew. Grammar and spelling Nazis are the worst.

I always like Jason's sound advice. As a recent homeowner myself (going on 5 years) it is always amazing what a person runs across that helps at the home front.

Good job Jason. Keep it up!

My Tech Top 10: Jason Yang
12/28/12 11:50 PM

Would love to have this!

Win: Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman Holiday Giveaway
12/18/12 12:05 AM

@Jason Yang - The coffee table engine block is out of a Jaguar XJ.

If there is an email address handy, I can send pictures.

My Tech Top 10: Jason Yang
12/31/11 02:58 PM

I should have clicked the link and know it was DWR.

I even have the catalog on my coffee table (an aluminum V12 engine like Top Gear has in their studio).

Thanks for the link!

My Tech Top 10: Jason Yang
12/30/11 07:21 PM

Who makes the flatscreen wall mount/stand in the first picture?

@Barry1 - I can only imagine your life is filled with James Bond style intrigue and gadgets.

Jason! Nice Monster!! I love putting miles on both my Buell 1125R and X1. Nothing better than two wheels.

My Tech Top 10: Jason Yang
12/30/11 07:17 PM

Where did you get the kitchen table/island and chairs?

This needs to be a full blown tour!

Celeste & Nikolai's Au Naturel Loft
House Call

9/21/11 12:01 AM

Yeah, not the "astoundingly beautiful" I would have in my mind. Nice bachelor pad, but it looks like he just moved in or its a pad for him to crash at if he has a late night at the office.

Inspiration: Apartment FHvia OWI | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/25/10 07:57 PM