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Yikes - I agree with the above comments - put away anything abrasive. I have had the same cast iron skillet for almost 10 years and I use it almost every day. After each cooking session, I fill it with water and bring it to a rapid boil on the stove. That loosens any food stuck on the bottom and the boiling water works as a cleaning agent. Then dump out the contents into the sink, add a little more water, wipe anything else out of the pan and repeat the boiling process if need be. Otherwise, once the contents are out and the surface is smooth-ish, put the pan back on the stove and reheat and then spray with oil, let sit for a minute and then wipe down the oil. Your paper towel should be the color of the oil with maybe a few flecks of cast iron...good luck.

Why Does My Cast Iron Cookware Still Seem Dirty After Cleaning? Good Questions
4/15/14 12:44 PM

I echo the book cover posters for art in the classroom - I did this in my daughter's bedroom by just printing out and framing vintage book covers of my favorite children's book that I found on flickr. There are a ton of streams of book covers, etc on flickr. Also, I think a great idea for any age group would be an art project to create their own book covers for books recently read in class allowing the students to not only be creative, but think about the bigger picture of what books are about, etc. For older kids it can be a great way to pull in technology as well. Sounds like a fun task!

Ideas for Decorating a Classroom? Good Questions
4/9/14 02:46 PM

As a child of the 80s, wallpaper usually makes me cringe, but I've been drooling over the Cole & Son patterns for a while now and thinking about papering our guest bathroom with them...
Some are a little too British-y (i.e. stuffy), but some are really bold, contemporary, and beautiful.

Bold Wallpaper Suggestions for Small Bathroom? Good Questions
10/24/13 12:42 PM

We also have the hedgehog nightlight for our daughter which I thought would be perfect b/c she wanted a nightlight, loves Mrs. Tiggywinkle from Beatrix Potter, and I wanted something soft - not too bright. I thought the quality was fine and the light was softer than any of those outlet ones (who can sleep with those?!), but it runs out of batteries very quickly (like overnight)! Thus, we used it for about 2 nights, and now it is a cute little figurine in her room...I wish they would make a soft plug in one for kids. She quickly got over her nightlight thing, so I don't really have any other solutions for folks, except to warn you that set doesn't last long.

A Soft Glow: White Nightlights for Kids
9/5/13 11:35 PM

When it is just me in the house, my "security system" is my dog, a maglight, and a bicycle u-lock by the bed. You hold that thing by the u and you can could do some serious damage with the heavy end of that thing.

Bedside Hammer: What's Your Home Security System?
9/3/13 02:01 PM

Used bookstores, stationery shops, and botanical gardens are always at the top of my list wherever I travel. I use Yelp to find the best used bookstores and stationery shops and usually find lots of hidden gems and meet lots of nice people that way.

What Are Your Favorite Type Of Spots To Visit While Traveling?
8/13/13 02:18 PM

We have the shrunks air matress with the inflatable sides (#6) which has been great for us travelling with our daughter. She is 4 and still rolls all over the bed and has fallen off normal beds when travelling, so we decided to invest the money and get this. We are super light travellers, and this one is great b/c it packs up small and we were able to fit it in a backpack when taking a trip to NYC and DC last summer. Prior to that we had the Baby Bjorn travel crib, which though expensive (can be found on ebay and craigslist for cheaper) is great for flying and car travel as it is compact and lightweight. Much better than those horribly bulky and heavy pack and play things.

On the Go: Travel Beds for Babies & Toddlers
7/12/13 02:59 PM

I live in this neighborhood too - can I come by and just wander around your house sometime??? Just kidding! It is amazing, though. Love your work, Briana - it is gorgeous! I hope to see you around the neighborhood (-: Lovely home.

Briana & Dominic's Beautiful Bungalow House Tour
6/27/13 01:26 PM

Now with digital cameras, I don't savor each picture like I used to with my old 35mm, deciding whether the shot was worth it because I knew how expensive it was taking the film canister to the drug store to get the film developed only to discover that my teenage self took terrible photos on $10 cameras and that only 1 of the 24 images I shot came out "decent"...however, now we have 9 million photos of our child, which is great, but makes it hard to look through.
Thus, I've started creating a photo book in iPhoto for each year of her life and making a hardback copy for ourselves and paperback copies for the grandparents. I've also done them for big trips we've taken as well, and those make nice coffee table books.
I've seen lots of different photo books, and I honestly think the hard back ones from iPhoto can't be beat for the price...high quality images, paper, and binding.
Just my two cents (-:

A Digital Dilemma: Family and Event Photo Albums & Books
6/3/13 10:40 PM

Not one to push products, but I had a lot of issues with deodorants/anti-antiperspirants, etc over the years, and I finally found one that works great for folks with sensitive skin:,en_US,pd.html?start=2&cgid=deodorants
Might have to try this recipe next time I run out of the above product, which might be a while as it lasts for a few years.
Glad to know that it works in high heat/humidity environments - we need all the help we can get here in Texas when it comes to sweating in the summer (-:

Quick, Easy, Homemade Deodorant...that Actually Works Apartment Therapy Tutorial
5/8/13 03:54 PM