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Desks are DWR Quovis

Paul and Liz's Home Office Compromise Lifework
2/5/13 09:35 AM

@hotbot - my gf has the same issue, we have tried everything, shure, sennheiser, etc. she has been through at least 10 different pairs, none of which fit. we just got the urbanears medis for her and they are great. happened to find them at nordstrom rack dallas for $19.99 too, which doesn't hurt.

Alternatives to Apple's New Earpods:
Better Sound For Less Than $100

9/25/12 09:59 AM

@rural and rueful - He was in there for all of 5 minutes when we took him out and noticed he had a cut on his paw from the few times he scratched the side of the crate. We immediately returned the crate for a full refund. Once we realized he was not happy in the crate he has never been placed in one since then, and we dog-proofed the entire home so he can have full run of the place when we are not home. I resent the implication that I am somehow a cruel or neglectful dog owner. My dog is very happy, healthy, and volunteers at local hospitals to visit sick children. I posted for the express purpose to help other owners care for their dogs. Get off your soap box.

Raise the Woof: Stylish Modern Dog Crates for Small Spaces
7/12/12 10:29 AM

If your dog is new to crate training or doesn't particularly enjoy it, be careful with the BowHaus crate. We got one for our puppy and in his struggles to escape he tore his paws up in the holes in the sides. He did much better with a more traditional crate where the rounded bars didn't pose as much of a risk of injury. That said if your dog isn't a spaz and likes the crate, it was very nice and aesthetically pleasing.

Raise the Woof: Stylish Modern Dog Crates for Small Spaces
7/12/12 10:03 AM

Stolmen from Ikea for under $100 will get you the same thing, as discussed many times on this site.

DIY Home Office Made From Metal Pipes
6/5/12 04:00 PM

I built one of these last weekend using the 8" blocks from Home Depot, which have a groove on one side. These solar lights from Ikea fit perfectly in the groove:

Don't think I can post a photo here, but I built against a wall and installed lights in all the top blocks to provide accent uplight, worked out really well.

Budget & Small Space Friendly: DIY Cinderblock Planters
5/25/12 04:28 PM

Movers will charge $100 to RENT a flat screen TV box to move it, makes sense to keep that one if you've got room.

How Long Should You Keep Electronics and Appliance Packaging?
1/10/12 01:26 PM

I've had the Rundel from Ikea forever, nice enough to look at and easy to clean. And for $40 hard to beat price on stainless steel.

Laundry Day Helpers: Stylish Hampers & Carts
10/6/11 10:38 AM

amvolpe beat me to it but was thinking non-slip tub stickers instead of decals, maybe hold up better?

Ways to Change This Tile for Daughter's Bathroom?
Good Questions

9/6/11 01:20 PM

Actually just got an email from, they are having a sale on temporary wallpaper if you want to go that route. The manufacturer is No personal experience but looks interesting.

Ideas for Dressing Up My Dining Area?
Good Questions

7/7/11 11:04 AM

It looks like you have a recessed light above the table? You'd really benefit from a pendant / chandellier. Here's one company that makes something you could use, there are others so search online for "convert recessed light to hanging" or something like that.

When you move out you just need to unscrew the new light and put the old bulb back.

Also difficult to tell scale from the photo but I would probably go with a longer table to seat six, then a large piece of art on the long wall and a mirror (possibly with shelf for tea lights or something) on the short wall.

Once you get the table finalized you can add a lot of color with linens, cool plates, etc.

Ideas for Dressing Up My Dining Area?
Good Questions

7/7/11 10:57 AM

My father has diplomas from our whole family hanging in his office, half a dozen are his and two each for mom, brother and me. Not my style but it makes him happy and it's a pretty cool timeline of where we all were at various points in our lives.

Displaying Diplomas in Your Home Office: Tacky or Tasteful?
6/22/11 02:50 PM

My Havanese decided to lay claim to my Eames lounge chiar before it was even completely unpacked from delivery. No scratches on the leather but a nice snot mark from his nose where he always rests his head. Oh well, what are you going to do?

The Best Piece Of Furniture According To Your Pets
6/21/11 06:04 PM

This jacket actually works extremely well, basically "sweats" for the dog. My dog loves his.

Gadgets & Gear to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat
6/21/11 12:03 PM

I had a similar situation myself. Hospital track in the ceiling, using Tapcon screws as suggested if it's concrete. Use a drill with a cord as opposed to cordless to pre-drill, much easier. Then go down to fabric row, south of South Street. I forget where exactly, somewhere near 4th Ave Deli, been a long time since I have been in Philly. You can get fabric to do curtains that are the perfect size super cheap.

Suggest Window Treatments For Tall Industrial Windows?
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6/17/11 09:53 AM

Now I just need suggestions on how to get my neighbor (who's completely insane) to remove that hideous stained glass window from her window sill.

How To Clean Kartell Bubble Club Armchairs?
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6/14/11 12:00 PM

Cleaned the chairs last night, they look great. @Newmama08 I had no idea Kartell made a special cleaner, one would have thought when I called them they would have suggested it? Anyway, I did end up spraying the chairs with a garden hose, while they were wet sprinkled Oxy Clean powder on them, added a bit more water and scrubbed the chairs with the Oxy Clean paste and a Magic Eraser. Worked like a charm! They now look brand new, not bad for $50 each and some elbow grease.

How To Clean Kartell Bubble Club Armchairs?
Good Questions

6/14/11 11:44 AM

Thanks for all of your suggestions! I read all of them and just got off the phone with someone at Kartell's showroom in NYC who was actually much more helpful than the first person I spoke with there. I am going to try Oxy Clean powder with a little bit of water to work into a paste and scrub with Magic Eraser. Will send some photos in when it's all done and let you know how it turns out.

How To Clean Kartell Bubble Club Armchairs?
Good Questions

6/13/11 11:04 AM

Saarinen dining table and Room and Board chairs...

Crate & Barrel Round Dining Table - $200
Chicago Scavenger

5/20/11 01:24 PM

Turkish towels from Restoration Hardware hold up much better (and start out life nicer to begin with) than R. Lauren. Pick them up when your color goes on sale or try their outlet if you are super strapped for cash, but at under $30 full-price not exactly horrible...

How Much Are You Willing To Spend on Bathroom Towels?
5/19/11 10:46 AM