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I like to take my own pillow slip when I travel. thanks for using my sofa picture :)

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1/4/10 11:03 PM

mystisue - The pear shaped kettle was one of the first things I bought when I first moved out of home - years and years ago. I may not have had a washing machine, or any thing to sit on, but I did have a kettle that looked like a pear so it was all good.

missmaryc - The paint colour is Taubmans Smokey High (T124-4)

thank you all for your comments :)

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6/26/09 08:44 AM

The drawer is a griller - It has a tray that slides out and an element at the top. Its a standard kitchen stove in Aust :) - although pretty out dated now.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | One Mega-Organized Kitchen
6/24/09 10:01 PM

Hello - thank you again for posting my home, its so exciting to see it here!

And thank you to everyone for your nice comments.

The cabinet is just an Ikea cabinet I'm afraid - a see through fridge would be super cool though. The rail and hooks system above the sink is the Ikea Grundtal one :)

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6/24/09 09:14 PM

thank you so much for showing my hallway and for such a nice little post. What an honour!

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6/23/09 10:36 PM

Absolutely stunning Simone :)

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6/10/09 10:07 PM

I have a really old valet chair (or gentlemans chair) in my hallway with storage under the seat for (I'm guessing) belt, cufflinks,monacle and other gentleman type paraphenalia and a nice wide tall back for hanging jackets.

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6/1/09 11:05 PM

You have beautiful things! What about a few found objects as art on the walls - an old boat oar, a rusty advertising sign or maybe a scrolley piece of old iron work or bed railing?

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5/28/09 11:40 PM

Ooh minimalist - love the thought of it but I'm too much of a hoarder

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5/24/09 10:50 PM

I'd definately paint them - they are a very pretty shape - maybe that nice mid blue/turquoise in the poster for a couple of them and if you like bright fun colour you could try colour copying the poster a few times and use the copies to decoupage the smallest table?

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5/20/09 11:59 PM

This is perfect timing - I live in a 100yr old cottage with no built in storage or closet space. Our armoirs/wardrobes are bursting at the seams so I am about to take on a bit of a built in type project. I think I've decided on a wall mounted system (like elfa) which I can take right up to our very high ceiling and then hang a curtain (or maybe a blind like one of the ideas above) to conceal it until I'm brave enough to tackle installing some great big sliding door/panels. All these comments are a great help!

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5/14/09 11:24 PM

P.P.S - I love that bedcover!

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2/24/09 07:50 PM

I think some nice white (linen maybe?) roman blinds would suit those lovely windows and would have a slimmer profile than the heavy curtains - you could maybe even make the romans using the great orange curtains you already have.

P.S - I'm new here but agree with Ferriel, some of the comments I'm reading are really snarky - not sure if I could be so brave as to post a question!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: What Color Curtains in My Bedroom?
2/24/09 07:49 PM

I have the same problem Meggie and am considering the pulley system for our two bikes in the hallway. For your space, I agree with Joshish, it would make a nice feature mid wall with the desk under it.

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2/24/09 07:43 PM

Love the beautiful before shots - the tacky makeover is aweful!

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1/29/09 07:45 PM