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I'd head to the ceiling. I'd do a fabric "ceiling runner" from one end of the hall to the other letting it drape at specific intervals to create some movement. The color, texture, fabric type could pull from adjacent rooms to bring the look together. I'd make this runner less wide than the hall, but only by ~6 inches or so at either edge.

Add Interest to Long Narrow Hallway without Feeling Claustrophobic? Good Questions
1/31/13 11:18 AM

I ordered LED C7 "look" ceramic lights 3 years ago and am very pleased with the outcome. The white bulbs read a little gray, and with the real ceramic cover, they're actually dimmer rather than the blinding white light of regular LED's. With so little energy used, you can really layer them on for a great retro look. I run a single string of real C7's up the tree for added light, and have a couple of twinkling bulbs in that string.

Are LED Christmas Lights Worth The Extra Holiday Expense?
12/12/12 01:23 PM

Wangari Maathai used this method in Kenya with the Green Belt Movement to reforest the country. Plastic soda type bottles can also be used, or even metal cans, with a hole in the bottom and something to cover (the cans) open top.

Olla Gardening: The Original Drip Irrigation System
6/20/12 11:58 AM

OK, I'm going out on a limb and saying contemporary black and tubular like the 40/4 stacking chair in black.

Recommend Chairs For This Dining Table?
Good Questions

6/6/11 10:29 AM

I've given up on the all out clean. A three year old will do that to you. What I do, is clean one area really well, focus on the mantel, the sideboard, the cushions/pillows on one couch, or even a side table. Throw some fresh flowers inito the fray and I at least can look upon one area and feel that sense of home-making pride.

Is Homemaking a Burden or a Privilege?
6/2/11 02:08 PM

Love the look, but impractical with forced warm air/central air and long coated dogs (Borzoi). There'd be fur in all the mugs, alas!

An Interesting Concept: Tiled Open Cabinets
3/17/11 02:58 PM

Beautiful palette, beautiful light, amazing space. Is this in the Corinthian? I recognize the views, which are amazing!

Lloyd and Michael’s Happy Place
House Tour

3/17/11 12:55 PM

I would opt for no table, use the counter with stools. Find a narrow table option that would double for something else (desk?) in the room when you're not looking to offer sit down dining. This desk/table should go behind a sofa which faces the wall on the left. Anchor that wall with a large piece of furniture that could second for a TV stand. Place 2 chairs on either side of that piece of furniture to create a conversation area with the couch. Keep the area near the right hand wall free for traffic flow.

How To Set Up Living Area In Oddly Shaped Room?
Good Questions

3/11/11 01:22 PM

Check out the whole Pearl District. A great area of galleries, shops and coffeehouses. Fun mix of high and low end, with a sprinkling of bookstores.

I'm Leaving on a Jet Portland
1/28/11 11:32 AM

I'd go with the mirror vertical. Spray it a silver leaf color of silver. For the walls I'd go dark, some gray/raisin type of color. They sell high temp paints for wood stoves, I'd paint that white box dark gray or black and just use a fireplace screen in black iron to set the firebox off a little from the room. Reflected in the mirror is an electrical ceiling box covered. If you need extra light, ceiling pots are great, but track will do the trick too. Downlighting the mirror will also help to send light into the room. Keep the child just as he is, perfect!

Suggestions For Sprucing Up Mantel?
Good Question

1/25/11 09:56 AM

"Step away from..." mantra, repeated over and over. As in, "Step away from the Kudu horns", repeated over and over just yesterday in Lillian August in Norwalk. They just looked so cool and reminded me of a great trip taken to South Africa.

5 Tips For Shopping Without Adding Clutter
1/18/11 12:05 PM

George Beland has the right idea. Our Borzoi did the same thing on brand new sills in the master bedroom.

What I did was buy inexpensive moulding the same thickness as the sill. I cut it to fit the perimeter of the existing sill, leaving a "window" where the chewed out portion was. I then filled this with a heavy dose of wood filler and allowed it to dry an extra long period of time. (follow the manufacturers instructions).

Sanding, priming and repainting the whole thing left it looking better than before. The idea of using moulding I hit on just in case they did it again, which they did. It was easier to buy and replace the moulding than it was to fill an even larger hole the second time.

Crating, of course, was also an option!

Help! My Dog Ate My Windows!
1/13/11 11:20 AM

Just another thought...ever thought of switching the dining room and sitting room? The redundancy of rooms with sofas right next to each other with similar purposes may be clouding the layout. I'd then face the sofa towards the French doors as your focus. A great space all around.

Furniture Purchase & Placement Suggestions?
Good Questions

1/7/11 01:37 PM

If you want minimal purchases, center the small sofa facing the fireplace and the chairs on either side of the fireplace. Bring it off the wall with the radiator for walking space behind it.

Furniture Purchase & Placement Suggestions for Sitting Room?
Good Questions

1/7/11 01:33 PM

I inherited a collection as well and faced the same problem. I went to my local art supply store and bought the largest, softest watercolor brush I could find. Get a round bristle vs. a flat one. I dust each and every one before packing them up when the tree comes down. Labor intensive, but it keeps them somewhat clean. I've also taken to the ribbon method of hanging them using very thin red ribbon, knotted tight before making a bow loop on the end which hangs on the branch. The old metal hangers rust with the metal of the ornament and the ribbon alleviates that process. Also, keep them in a dry location when packed away. The colors will fade over the years if the tree gets direct sunlight, but I find its part of the charm of keeping these baubles going for generations to come. Good luck!

How Do I Clean and Care for Vintage Ornaments?
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1/5/11 09:32 AM

A fire in the fireplace, or more exactly, sitting around a crackling fire on Thanksgiving night, after all the hubbub is over and the dishwasher is running, just catching up with family and friends.

Moments of Domestic Bliss An Ode to the Waffle Iron
11/11/10 11:26 AM

Wedgewood "Windsor" for everyday. Coffee cups, aka "breakfast cups", rock. They're huge!

Best Everyday China 2010
11/10/10 02:48 PM

Sussu, Jag Förstar, tack! I actually inherited a bunch too and I'm really pondering the fate of the herd these days!

Unique Gifts for the Thanksgiving Host
11/9/10 01:43 PM

Just to be exact, as a Swede, Dala is short for the provincial area of Dalarna in Sweden. Beyond that, I'm with the "bring flowers and wine" group. And if you bring flowers, it's always nice to bring them arranged in some fashion. It's a pain to have to seek out a vase and think about cutting stems while you're trying to play host to the masses.

Unique Gifts for the Thanksgiving Host
11/9/10 10:41 AM

It's beautiful, and I'm somewhat jealous of folks that can live this way. It reads like a high end, furnished apartment looking for a transient, high end, tenant.

Enough Is Enough
The Diversion Project

10/4/10 10:35 AM