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This house has a really nice feel to it. Great Job! I love the throw pillows on your sofa. Would you mind sharing the source?

Jen's Lovely Light in Seattle House Call
1/21/14 09:18 PM

I have the console version of this table. I use it in my bedroom for a vanity. It gets lots of use, and as of late my cat has decided it is a perfect jumping off spot to get onto my dresser. It has it's share of scratches, however I use Pledge or Olde English or other wood polish on it and it really makes the scratches less noticable. I don't regret the purchase especially for the price and the overall effect it the room is exactly what I wanted so I would certainly purchase this item again.

Would I purchase the coffee table? I use my coffee table for everything, eating, playing scrabble, putting my feet up, so no this would not be a good choice for me, but if you have less traffic, it might be just fine for you.

Thoughts On CB2 Peekaboo Clear Coffee Table?
Good Questions

7/19/11 03:51 PM

I have been purchasing the "spiced fig" candles from Pier One lately, and I swear they smell like mens cologne. I have had many friends make the same comment. They smell nothing at all like I would imagine with a name "spiced fig". I totally recommend them.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where Can I Find a Mens Cologne Scented Candle? Good Questions#comments#comments#comments
10/8/09 07:19 PM

Love the tables and the lamp, just not together. Lamp is awesome but too large for the tables. I think a small hanging pendant over each would look great. Good Luck! Love the colors in your room.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Does this Nightstand / Lamp Combo Work?#comments
1/29/09 04:29 PM