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i'm studying in paris for a few weeks and i bought an extra reusable bag here for .80 euro at monoprix. The outside of the bag says "le sac qui remplace des milliers de sacs" which translates to "the bag that replaces thousands of bags." while certainly not as snarky as the bags above I found it a lot funnier than offerings from grocery stores in the states.

Apartment Therapy DC | Snarky Reusable Bags by TBWA\Vancouver
7/26/09 02:59 PM

the manger headboard could work as a screen in front of a fire place ( so long as the scale worked) or maybe as room separation in a studio apt.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | IKEA Hacks Just Waiting to Happen
7/11/09 05:17 AM

I bought a ikea hogbo mattress two years ago, along with slats from ikea but I use it with a regular metal frame. after one year of use I added a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood to increase the strength. even though it was cheaper than buying a box spring I wish that I had. The support really is not enough underneath especially with two people sleeping on it, I tend to roll towards the center as does my significant other.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Do You Have a Box Spring?
1/28/09 08:54 PM