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I don't know what I love more about this entry, its teeny tiny yet seems big, beautiful design, very clever use of space, sustainable, or the fact that is movable. Please, a house tour! I'd like to see more of the rainwater harvesting & pv systems, the bathroom, insulation, workspace and the kitchen. Excellent job! Hope you win .

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 09:17 PM

I shared a house with 3 girls, $180 a month for a room. It was a big spanish revival style house from the 1940's with creole tiles and high ceilings. Later I rented a huuuuuuuge house in a historic urban center in PR for $550. It even had an interior patio! high ceilings, 3 bedrooms (one master room with bath, a master closet and 2 extra closets!), 2 baths huge kitchen, balcony, a gorgeous entrance with a stair with spanish tiles and chandelier... it was really really beautiful. It was so big for a single person that I never had the chance to fully furnish it... but had to let go because of a dumb decision to move in with the boyfriend I had at that time. After paying a lot for rent for a blah blah place, I broke up with the guy, and now I live in a beautiful 1930's 600sf house with some art deco details, high ceilings 2 bedrooms for $500 (some utilities included!) I guess I have been lucky with apartment hunting!

The Cheapest Rent I Ever Had
9/5/13 08:18 PM

I am impressed! you even have a washing machine in such a small space...

Ildikó's Smart Space Small Cool Contest
5/26/13 01:21 PM

I love this apartment, I think it is my favorite so far, so clever solutions, well-designed. I would like to see a house tour, specially for viewing the closet. This brings teeny-tiny to a whole new level, congratulations!!

Silvana's Innovative Interior Small Cool Contest
5/26/13 11:25 AM

Now my cats want a teepee

Megan's Revived & Renewed Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 08:02 PM

I sooo want to pull down those things hanging in all the ceilings...

Brooke's Colorful Details Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 07:59 PM

yeah! a view of the balcony, bathroom and closet! bet the drawers are neatly organized too. Love your apartment!

Kin's Minimal Design Small Cool Contest
5/14/13 07:53 PM

Other thought: excessive use of dark colors doesn't improve daylighting, and I don't see the outside coming into the space.

Simone's Shine & Silhouettes Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 02:36 PM

Liked the bedroom, not the kids' room. The rest is perfect for retail/office environment, or even a lounge bar. Very cool and different, clean and well designed, but I can see this looking outdated very soon, specially for a home (I wouldn't live there, but that's me). But, I'd like to see a house tour.

Simone's Shine & Silhouettes Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 02:33 PM

Gorgeous apartment! Hope you get that living wall some day.

Mallory's Icing on the Cake Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 08:37 AM

You got my vote, I love siamese cats! Nice place, you have some interesting furniture pieces and beautiful wall art.

Lisa's Small Space in a Swanky Neighborhood Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 08:33 AM

I saw this house tour and made me wanted to live in that apartment, you got my vote! I love the kitchen and that mirrored dresser. Congratulations on your beautiful home

Mary's Maximized & Multifunctional Small Cool Contest
5/9/13 11:02 AM

Beautiful design! It is an amazing home. But please, don't spend money on that eames chair and ottoman (too ugly and bulky! and not unique), windows are a better option.

Audrey's Architectural Interest Small Cool Contest
5/9/13 10:52 AM

I would have used the stair's landing for accessing the mezzanine and make it slightly bigger. Other than that, great space!!

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/7/13 09:27 PM