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i feel like people are quick to just on prices when they hear about vegan or raw diets.
you can't say it's too expensive unless you've tried it. there are so many great resources for both (or any diet) that you can live modestly and still eat well.

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7/18/10 02:50 PM

can anyone tell me where the yellow quilt is from? i've been searching all over to find one to cover a diy sofa with

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3/22/10 08:42 AM

you should try new lampshades or even think of painting the furniture the lamps are on. i think those are what are really dating your look

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2/19/10 11:53 AM

is anyone else feeling sorry for the man that may live here?

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11/7/09 09:15 PM

my cousin built me a little box and he covered the inside with shower board (pretty cheap at home depot) and then just sealed the corners. that would work great for this box too. i love it! so much more appealing than my white painted box.

i would use a litter box inside though, just so its more sanitary and easier to clean. i bought a large plastic storage container (one for under the bed). all the litter boxes they sell at stores are so small and dont really give cats much room for moving around.

and just to throw it in, feline pine is the best cat litter i've found. it's so much better smelling than clay and it really works. it's also healthier for the cats. i have six cats, so i tell people if i say it works, trust me!

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9/15/09 08:28 PM

this is beautiful! i love the concrete floors and exposed brick. i live in nashville, do you mind telling me what building this is?

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8/18/09 07:52 PM

i have to agree with this. when my boyfriend and i moved into our own place we went to ikea and got everything we needed for a very low price. now a year later, the sofas are sunken in and all the wood is chipped because it's so cheap. it's still a fun store to shop around, but i wouldn't buy furniture there ever again.

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7/21/09 10:36 AM

this is beautiful, but not worth $400 for recycled bottles. actually, i doubt pottery barn used recycled bottles, those are probably brand new. the diy one's have more character and cost significantly less.

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7/21/09 10:29 AM

i have that bike and it's perfect. this one is around $1000 but they do have a bike that looks just like this that you can get around $600. the only difference is the one above has an 8 speed internally geared hub and the less expensive version has a 3 speed internally geared hub.

it may sound expensive but you really get what you pay for. cheaper bikes don't last long and it costs more to repair them than it did for the entire bike. if $600 is too much just look around at a proper bike store and avoid buying a bike from a clothing or grocery store!

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7/16/09 09:18 AM

my favorite way is to french press a strong batch of coffee and add vanilla almond milk. i don't measure, just eye it until the color looks right. put it in the fridge over night and it amazing!

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6/24/09 11:31 AM

it's very alice in wonderland. with different light shades i'd absolutely put it in my house.

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6/17/09 08:32 AM

you should getting create and using something recycled. go to re-nest and search for something. i've recycled glass jars and just cleaned them up and put my own labels on, they don't hold ten pounds, but they work for me

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6/15/09 11:59 AM

i try to eat a 50% raw diet and you would be amazing at the change in your energy level! it also makes it very easy to maintain a healthy weight without watching everything you eat.

think one meal a day raw.
start off with a raw breakfast and raw snacks throughout the day and there you go, can't get easier than that!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Eating Raw Foods Eating Green Once a Month
1/28/09 11:16 AM

since this is a site where people generally understand being green and being healthy, i don't mind bringing up the idea of veganism. most people think that vegans are crazy and can't eat anything or enjoy food, but if it's done right it is the complete opposite. when i was a vegetarian i still used dairy products and always felt sick like so many people do. our bodies are made to digest milk from birth because that's what we live off of, and let's remember, we were made to digest our mothers milk, not cows milk. cows milk is intended to beef up a calf. if people would think about this before going for that glass of milk that we 'need' (that is not true at all we get calcium from plenty of other foods, try vegetables!) then not only would the cows benefit, but our health would be so much better as well. cows are put through so much to be milked for humans. MOMS can you imagine being milked for 12 hours a day, standing up, with no room to move or rest? and this amount of milk isnt natural, they are given steroids and hormones to make this produce all that milk. THIS IS THE DAIRY COWS LIFE and a very sad one at that.

if you LOVE milk, whether to drink, bake, or whatever, i would suggest almond milk. it's heaps better than cows milk, and is also a lot healthier than soy or rice milk. it tastes amazing and you will never want cows milk again!

explore other foods than meat and dairy and you will be amazing at how satisfied and healthy you can be!

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1/28/09 11:08 AM