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If you're going to do theme, do it right. I adore the furniture. I have theme ideas for all of my house, I want to transform a drab back porch into a tiki hut.

Jon's Tiki Themed Room
11/5/13 03:17 AM

I came here because it said tiki hut. All I saw was some figurines on the shelf. Very subtle. I'm after doing big themes at my house.

Craig's Tiki Hut House Tour
11/5/13 03:08 AM

You forgot to put a bird on it.

Melody's Beautifully-Designed Pacific Northwest Kitchen Kitchen Tour
5/29/12 11:50 AM

Not obsessed by cleaning, but being neat and never leaving piles of stuff around means you're halfway there. I'm always surprised when visiting and seeing most people's standards are lower than mine. No-one ever seems to clean their windows, and there is always a line of crud that they don't seem to see anymore. Here's a tip if you are a girl or all girl house. Regularly lift the lid of your toilet and CLEAN it.

5 Tips to Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Is
11/6/11 02:18 AM

Interesting freudian slip. A poster calling your fiance, finance. Did he pay for everything, haha? I have a similar kitchen in a 1930s cottage and space is the thing. The banquette is a great idea. and extra shelving gives me inspiration. I'm on the lookout for the Bodum too. My fave shade of chartreuse.

Amanda's Smart, Renovated Kitchen
Kitchen Tour

10/19/11 03:11 AM

There is nothing unattractive to a beach motif, overdone or not. It is evocative and adds atmosphere. If your house says bold or even with a touch of humour and irony, I say go overboard.

Beach House Style Decorating
2/6/11 02:28 AM

Sounds like you need to get a lot more things done before the house tour. Looking forward to it.

Nelly & Samuel's Australian Beach Home
House Call

2/6/11 02:12 AM

Yes, love the cart. This is my fave color so I'm not weary of it. As it's dominant in my house, it's a soothing , refreshing color as well as aqua, pink and lilac, black and white stripes, red and white stripes. I have an aversion to beige, brown, navy and grey. I also have three carts/trolleys, and am dying to get an art deco chrome one.

10 Summery, Light Green Accessories | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/7/10 01:50 PM

I have a pale green chinese umbrella hanging to cover the glare from the kitchen light, and the tiny cocktail umbrellas attached to some Xmas lights surrounding the larger umbrella. It breaks up the partition between the kitchen and living room.

Inspiration: Parasols on the Ceiling | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles#comments#comments#comments
6/7/10 01:04 PM

I use white vinegar and baking soda for general cleaning. I don't combine the two until I'm actually cleaning. I use plain vinegar for cleaning windows, its better than commerical products.

An Excellent Homemade 3-Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/14/10 11:07 AM

Does it block out the sound as well?

The Better Marriage Blanket Banishes Bedroom Flatulence | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/14/10 10:54 AM

I have a bulb stuck in a lamp, but I'm having problems visualising how you use the lip balm. Is it a matter of just putting between the bulb and socket????/

Make Sticking Sockets Slippery With Lip Balm | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/14/10 10:44 AM

I use mine twice a week to make a rye and carraway loaf, which I can't get fresh at my local shops. I've just bought a new pizza baking dish so it will also be making pizza dough as well. I never run out of fresh bread. I need mine. The monsters in my cupboard are a sandwich maker and a juicer. As I've masses of cupboard space, I don't need to throw them away. I've just gone through all my kitchen cupboards and cleaned them and all the junky drawers are straightened. Now for the manchester cupboards. It's autumn here in Australia, so I'd better see what the blankets and duvets have been up to.

Use It Or Lose It: The Bread Machine | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/13/10 10:55 AM

I hope they don't water these down for Target Australia. The Stella McCartney clothes were dreadful. Target do make incredibly original euroslips. I use euro pillows for outsized cushions. Otherwise, I find the crockery a little cheap looking.

Mark Your Calendars: Liberty of London for Target March 14th | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/18/10 01:16 PM

Reminds me of those street signs people use to knock off.

Custom Train Scrolls | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/11/10 12:07 PM

I'm sure it wasn't that long this was featured as a makeover in some mag. He shoudn't have entrusted it to some pretentious interior designer. it's gone past it's useby style.

Russel Brand's London Boudoir For Sale | Apartment Therapy New York#comments
11/18/09 04:00 AM

Umm, what are the matches for? I would not like my guests to have a quick fag in my bathroom. As the bathroom will be used more than usual during a party, some spray would be nice. Some guests may feel they do not want to leave a bathroom smelly for the next person waiting outside. If you have a second toilet make sure you point the gentlemen to it, as they can get pretty messy at a boozy party. Just sayin.'

How To: Prep Your Bathroom For Company | Apartment Therapy DC
11/18/09 03:54 AM

Although not a fan of exposed kitchenware, anything to get rid of the doors. Unfortunately, we have rental inspections, so it would be seen as a breech of contract to do such a thing. Fortunately, my kitchen cabinets are in an eggshell white, although my preference is for glass doors. I love that you are using glass containers. I am going through the process of doing the same. I love those Ikea canisters, I must pick some up on my next visit. I have one of the Ikea cutlery caddies, but over time it has rusted, and the water accumulates on the bottom, it doesn't drain very well. I want to replace my dish drainer, tossing up about the wooden one or an expensive stainless steel.

Before & After: An $80 Rental Kitchen Makeover | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
11/18/09 03:45 AM

He's got a place in Big Sur and on the south east coast of New South Wales, Australia. Chili Peppers are up for nomination to the Hall of Fame this year too. I hope they come back from their hiatus soon and get out another record. If you look at the Making of Stadium Arcadium DVD, he and Anthony are in someone's home. I always thought it was Flea's but I'm not sure it is this one. Didn't he have a property in Malibu that burned down a couple of years go?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Which Los Angeles Icon Lives Here?
9/25/09 11:03 AM

I am renting an old 3 bedroom 1955 beach cottage in Western Australia 3 blocks from a place called locally as Palm Beach near Pt. Peron. It's semi renovated with polished floorboards and ceiling fans. It has 1950s light fittings and the paint job is fairly recent. A pale aqua and white. It has an enclosed front porch, a very large patio and a massive back yard, and I'm slowly growing flowers and herbs. I do a massive cleaning job every 3 months for rental inspection. It is a pain, but I know it keeps jobs like cleaning exhaust fans and venetians done. I'm slowly interior decorating mainly from thrift shops as I am on a strict and limited budget. As I live on my own, I have a main bedroom I use the other two bedrooms as a utility storage room and the other as a dressing room. It has massive ceiling to floor inbuilt wardrobes as does the utility room. The outside looks pretty dreary, but the inside has a nice feel to it and I have loads of space for one person. The kitchen is so big I use one end as a craft bench. I'll post pics soon.I have several DIY projects such as painting some old drinks trolleys and a display cabinet. I'm a vintage collector and as you will see by my photos, they are part of the decor.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Australia
4/29/09 10:40 AM