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I have used leather belts (thin brown leather belts over ivory linen curtains - fabulous), necklaces, heavy rope (tie and fray the ends), and sea shell strands.

Drapery Tie-Backs on a Comeback? | Apartment Therapy DC
2/27/10 03:25 PM

I think Continental Window Fashions may also sell these tracks on the web - look under ceiling mount hardware.

Apartment Therapy New York | Rosalinda Veck: Best Cheap Curtains
8/9/09 09:03 AM

If you are going to be using the shade every day then I would definately recommend getting one with a pull chain as they are so much easier to operate. IKEA has some great shades on chains in stock.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Affordable Window Shade Kits?
8/9/09 09:00 AM

Imagine the possibilities! How fabulous . . .

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Photo Print Curtain by Bauke Knottnerus
7/11/09 08:24 AM

Have custom curtains made with a very heavy interlining. Sometimes, readymade curtains will say they are interlined only to have an extremely thin piece of fabric used which will not do you much good. I own a drapery workroom and have actually interlined curtains with fleece (like a blanket) with good success.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Window Treatments to Keep the Cold Out and the Warm In?
7/11/09 08:12 AM

I agree, definately try the IKEA blackout rollers with ceiling mount. Your only problem will be the one tight corner (I can't tell how much space you have there).

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Window Treatment Recommendations?
7/11/09 08:06 AM

If you do roman shades, do an outside mount shade rather than an inside mount. Raise them several inches above the window so almost all the glass is showing when pulled up. You have so much room above the window, this is where you can make the windows and room appear taller. Mounting inside the glass will make the room darker and do nothing to emphasize height.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: Curtain Length for Living Room Windows?Boston
6/9/09 08:04 AM

Ok, I have placed a very rough sketch of a design for you at:


Scroll down to find your picture.

I was thinking that perhaps you could hang some drapery panels from the ceiling using hooks (this way you don't have to spring for expensive drapery rods). I would bump the curtains out several inches from the window perhaps as deep as the window seat so the curtains make a nice little nook behind them and block less of the view when open. You could tie them back for most of the day and let them down whenever you need to block the light. Kids love the little hidding places created on the window seat behind the curtains.

You could use any cheap industrial hook and simply make (or have someone make you) panels with ties at the top which would cover the hooks. I would also use a fun fabric on the back as it will be seen and they could be reversible which might be fun.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Window Treatment for a Funky Window?
6/8/09 08:54 PM

We began using blackout curtains in our nursery so my son would nap - we now have them in every bedroom in our home - they are fabulous!

You can order custom length blackout curtains at http://www.idreamofdrapery.com - you can order them using their fabric or mail in your own fabric and they will add the blackout lining which is a nice option if you have access to a fabric store.

Their are also differences in blackout lining. You will want to use a higher end lining that feels like fabric and not like a plastic bag. Unfortunately, most of the retail fabric stores carry the really cheap lining so you may have to contact a professional drapery workroom for the good stuff.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blackout Curtains
6/8/09 08:10 PM

If you hit a great sale at a fabric store, you can send in your own fabric and have curtains made at:


Pick your style, linings, and any length you want.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | On Sale: Curtains and Drapes
5/11/09 10:08 PM

Here is a link to show you how one rod and four panels might look in the room. It's a little tight on one side and you may need to loose one finial, but if you really like the look of one rod then I think you could do it.


Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Disguising Off-Centered Windows?
5/11/09 04:42 PM

Silk is a natural fiber that will rot over time with bright sun exposure. Blackout would probably be worth the investment. We also always recommend interlining with silk (it's that flannel material between the silk and lining). If you are going for a luxurious hollywood regency style - I would make the panels 1 - 2" longer than floor length so they sit nicely on the floor and look more voluminous.


Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Blackout Lining for Silk Curtains?
5/11/09 03:57 PM

You should try


They have a good selection of fabric, but if you tell them what you are looking for they will search it out and email you pictures until you find the right fabric. You can also order panels in any length which is really nice.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Retro Inspired Curtains and Drapes?
2/9/09 06:37 AM



You can order sheers and curtains in any length!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Where Can I Find Extra Long Curtain Sheers?
2/9/09 06:33 AM

Try www.idreamofdrapery.com. You can choose fabrics (have a free sample sent), style and length. Add blackout lining or interlining as well. Best of luck.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Where Can I Find Long Curtains?#comments#comments
1/25/09 09:43 PM