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Great place! Love it all. Thanks Jesse

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/19/14 03:36 PM

hi kathilyn, try this place; they seem to be a good bet from what i've been able to find. good luck :-)

House Tour: Sam’s Sydney Simplicity

4/3/12 05:55 PM

hi jurgita,

the bookshelf is called "lovely rita" and was designed by ron arad for kartell. hive modern sell them, amongst a number of other places;


House Tour: Sam’s Sydney Simplicity

2/23/11 12:42 PM

some more nice typographical posters can be found here; :-)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ten Typographic Print Posters
3/24/09 11:35 PM

A wonderful apartment that looks to be occupied by a loving, growing family who have been making it a "home" for many years. It's inspiring to know that this very "new york" world still exists.

Apartment Therapy New York | Inside the Apthorp The New York Times 3.5.09
3/8/09 08:38 PM

hi ness82,

thanks for your nice words.

the orange thing on the bedroom floor is a jack light by tom dixon. you can see more about them here; and as you'll see by his description, yours wasn't far off!

hopefully from his site you can find a stockist that's close to home. mine was a gift.

it's the ultimate night light.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Sam’s Sydney Simplicity Sydney
2/26/09 06:14 AM

hi again,

the balcony is covered with blue astroturf/synthetic grass. it's loose laid and was incredibly simple to do. underneath is just the original concrete, and once completed, the transformation was incredible! it's now been there for 5 years and still looks just like new.

the yellow file cabinet is from ikea, here's a link to it on their site

thanks for the questions,
sam :-)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Sam’s Sydney Simplicity Sydney
1/26/09 05:21 PM

hi everyone,

just thought i'd jump in and answer some questions. but firstly, thank you all for your comments. it's great to get completely unbiased feedback!

the little yellow stools that are on the balcony are sub cero stools by australian designer brian steendyk and were designed in 2003.

i laid the seagrass matting myself with a ruler and a stanley knife, the same way you'd lay carpet. it wasn't too hard to do, and it's loose laid so no fixing was required. this was important so that it can be easily lifted up if cleaning underneath is required. it was laid directly over the underlay that was left from the original carpet, and i kept the original lino flooring in the kitchen just in case there were any big spills. but (touch wood) so far there haven't been any! and to begin with i wasn't too sure how user friendly it would be either, but as it turns out it's very comfortable under foot, hard wearing, and because it is seagrass it isn't affected by water and it doesn't seem to stain. but yes, it's not for everyone.

and lastly, the orange side table is a giano drum table designed by emma schweinberger for artemide and was purchased by my parents in the 60s.

sam :-)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Sam’s Sydney Simplicity Sydney
1/25/09 03:12 AM