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Which hormones are for jealousy? Because this gives me those.

Clear Counter Clutter: 10 Inspiring Appliance Garages
1/29/14 11:06 PM

Love everything. But somehow the stars on the fridge are just the bees knees for me!

Mark's Comfortable Contemporary House Tour
1/29/14 11:03 PM

Wow, that *is* creepy wallpaper. BTW does the monkey pop art picture in the mod meets glam dining room bug anyone else here? It just seems so cheap and tacky amidst the rest of the setting. Most of these are just trying too hard (and failing) for my taste. Except the diagonal tile fireplace scene- like that one a lot.

Push Your Style: 7 Bold Ideas from Pros Professional Projects
1/27/14 10:50 PM

Lol, comments are wildly interesting here!

Would You Buy a House That's \"Slightly\" Haunted? Design News
1/18/14 11:38 PM


Before & After: Erica & Spencer’s Brooklyn Apartment Combination Sweeten
1/18/14 11:32 PM

Good for you, I agree unplugging and being present with our kids is important. But for those who go so far as to criticize parents on phones or Internet while also watching their children I think you need to look at it case by case instead of with sweeping criticism. Many parents who you see on their phones aren't always on them. Perhaps they are talking to a friend in need, or researching parenting information, or working on a home business, or merely trying to prevent or reduce their own stress from the kind of isolation or depression that can occur to parents. While it's definitely a behavior that can be addictive or create problems (such as violations of children's privacy due to internet over-share, or neglectful parenting if it'a being used in a situation where the child needs an adult's full attention) it isn't conclusively and entirely negative.

Alison's Cure: The Internet…Or The Kids?
1/18/14 11:25 PM

Love this. So many options. Small family spaces work!

Hang Ups: Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms Without a Closet
1/11/14 11:49 AM

Like it! Funky & original.

Before & After: Claire's Contrasting Credenza Makeover
1/11/14 11:45 AM

Little Twig bubble bath.
Dapple wipes (alternate with 7th gen free & cleae dish soap & rag).
Arm & Hamor perfume free laundry detergent.
Baby Bottom Better diaper area cream.
Whatever natural(ish) shampoos & conditioners we use but only about once a week.

What Are Your Favorite Natural & Green Products for Kids?
1/11/14 11:24 AM

Cute! Fairfield is nice. AT- more of these moderately sized, inspired family homes please!

Heather & Eric's Cozy Victoria Cottage House Tour
1/8/14 11:26 PM

This thread is probably ancient history by now- but in defense of Goodnight Moon- just because you don't like it doesn't make it undeserving of being among other people's favourites. Was one of my all time faves and is my two year old's preferred bed time book as well. It's has a genius story telling flow and the illustration suck me in to the point where at the end of the book I feel like I'm actually in the dark room and the stars, moon and fireplace are sparkling. The 'mush' is probably oatmeal. But could obviously be any variety of mashed rabbit food. This book is so soothing and lovely (haters gone' hate).

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
1/8/14 11:10 PM

Hmm... Not sure I agree. I loved all kind of books as a kid including classics and heavy volume books. My advice would be to look for content and illustrations that speak to your heart so that your enthudiasm feels genuine and expose children to a diverse array of art and literature so that they can discover for themselves what they like.

3 Time Tested Tips: How To Choose A Book A Child Will Cherish
11/4/13 06:18 PM

Really nice place! The bathroom is my favorite.

Liz and John's 1926 Sears Craftsman House Tour
11/1/13 11:39 AM

Really like this.

Fresh Bathroom Decorating Ideas:
Beautiful Black Fixtures

11/1/13 11:32 AM

Good tip on The Arrival. Very moving. Agree with comment re: Eating the Alphabet, that is a great one. AT keep up these kid's book posts they are great- especially the comments! Love it!

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/27/13 12:51 PM

Also seconding Jan Brett!

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/27/13 12:02 PM

Listen, Listen from Barefoot Books is one of our new favourites.

20 of the Most Beautiful Children's Books in the World
10/27/13 12:01 PM

Art. Art prints. Whatevs dude. Let's just try not to make Canada look too pretentious up in here, eh'

Under $50: 10 Online Sources for Affordable Art
10/26/13 11:31 PM

JMZnyc. If I had a drink in my mouth when I read your comment I would have spit it out all over my phone, laughing out loud. If this *was* a gay thing (to prefer straight lines vs curves in all things visual) don't you think that would be more cerebral than emotional? Because you just can't be serious. (And why would I want you to be? This is so funny :)

Understanding Your Brain: the Architecture of Emotion Fast Company
10/26/13 11:23 PM

I like geckotoes1 comment. Boo ya!

Also- I think this whole piece is a stretch, although obviously great for creating banter.

Both rooms are so different the suggestion that the subtle difference is curves vs linear is kind of a laugh. Lol :)

Understanding Your Brain: the Architecture of Emotion Fast Company
10/21/13 06:35 PM