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I work for a company that makes fabulous wooden bowls, so I MAY be a little biased. I love using a huge, relatively shallow wooden bowl for salad. It makes it easy to toss ingredients with dressing, and even if the smaller things in my salad migrate toward the bottom, I can get a little of everything with each serving.

@Thrift at Home - My salad bowl is acacia, which is resinous so not much of a problem with absorbing odor, moisture or stains. I just give it a wipe in warm soapy water and clean. My bowl is too big for my cabinets as well. I keep it on top of my fridge, which works fine since I use the thing every day.

5 Large Wooden Salad Bowls Product Roundup
6/17/14 02:40 PM

I've been able to find bags of key limes at my local stores at anywhere between 99 cents a bag and 2.99 a bag. Some come from Mexico, many from Florida, and some from California. Honestly, they're WAY nicer in my gin and tonics.

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4/30/14 01:53 PM

How fun! I've been using a set of wooden pineapple set bowls all winter long. It's not that I live somewhere cold (LA, baby!) but that I could really use a vacation, and the bowls feel a little vacation-y.

Tropical Daydreams: Pineapple Accessories
1/17/14 05:35 PM

My last minute go-to (since I NEVER have wrapping paper when I need it) is aluminium foil with a layer of wax or parchment paper over it. Fun, subtle shine.

30 Homemade Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas
12/10/13 02:21 PM

For me it's always "have people over." Not a full on party, but one friend here or there over for a really casual, whatever we're having style dinner. We eat by the lights of our (way too giant) Christmas tree, everyone pitches in, and it feels festively normal.

Enjoy the Holidays at Home: 9 Things to Do Around the House Just for Fun
12/10/13 02:18 PM

@Maxwell - Thanks for featuring us! So thrilled to see one of our absolute best sellers up here.

@Birch - Worth a shot (in my ever-so-biased opinion.) Good enough for Maxwell AND super-affordable!

@lananaroux - You're not kidding. I can't even tell you how many times I've dropped them.

@Slangevar - Thanks! We appreciate the compliment.

Acacia Wood Plates
12/9/13 08:15 PM

Toss in olive oil and salt. Oven roast at 400 until just tender. Drizzle with maple syrup, roast a little longer, and serve with lemon zest.

What Thanksgiving Side Dish Can I Make with My Green Carrots? Good Questions
11/25/13 05:25 PM

How perfectly timely! We've been doing a lot of our centerpieces in our large mixing bowls and wood bowls. I hadn't even thought about teapots!

Florist Secrets: 8 Great Alternatives to Traditional Vases
11/11/13 05:15 PM

Yes- We have teenagers learning to cook in the house, so we've had a fire-extinguishing crash course. We have a fire extinguisher, 3 boxes of baking soda, a very large metal sheet pan (for smothering) and a pair of extremely long metal tongs (you never know what you NEED to pull out of the fire) on top of the fridge. Everyone can reach, everyone knows how to use them, and we hope no one needs to.

Do You Have a Fire Extinguisher in Your Kitchen?
10/8/13 05:18 PM

Minced granny smith apple. It sounds weird, but it's what my mom always did, and now I can't have tuna without it. It adds that perfect sweet, crisp counterpoint to a fishy salad.

Essential Recipe: The Perfect Tuna Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
9/18/13 12:59 PM

I use Kilner clip top style jars for spice storage. Like mdorothy and marisa_ I think the ring, clamp thing is a bit of a pain, but the wire-bail cliptop style solves that problem pretty neatly.

I love the look of jars in a pantry, and I love how easy they make it to find everything I need in the kitchen.

Look! Spices Stored in Weck Jars Kitchen Inspiration
9/13/13 02:45 PM

Brilliant! So happy to see this. Like @OneBraveGirl, I'm in California and end up with WAY too many avocados!

The Best Way to Keep Guacamole Green Tips from The Kitchn
8/14/13 01:53 PM

Interesting. I grew up in a non-milk-drinking family, so I didn't grow up dunking. I dunk my oreos in my coffee now! SO good!

Do Food Rituals Make Food Taste Better?
8/14/13 01:49 PM

I've been rocking a strawberry embossed mixing bowl in my home kitchen. Red, cheerful, and heavy, just the way I like my bowls.

Berry Picking: Strawberry Kitchen Finds Under $50
6/6/13 08:15 PM

Jars whenever possible. I've got really strong Kilner canning jars that I've dropped on concrete floors and they don't break. I love that they're so multi-purpose.

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6/6/13 08:13 PM