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Ugh I love NZ and dream of one day living there. Since both my boys are kiwis I have hope.

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1/8/14 03:47 PM


Elodie's Not-Pink Nursery My Room
10/28/13 01:08 PM

We sold our entire place on gum tree the Australia version of Craigslist. It all sold in less then two weeks. We bundled all our kitchen stuff for one price. Great for new comers, students or first time leaving home. Anything we had left over we gave to freinds and donated but a garage sale would work well instead for all the nicknacs.

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10/16/13 01:53 PM

We just took down my 2 year olds bed frame and put the mattress on the floor. He's mentioned monsters, often fell out of bed and had night terrors....he has been sleeping so well since we took it down. Mind you still ends up in our bed in the middle of the night.
Worried about mold now tho besides that loving no bed frame!

A Gallery of Children's Floor Beds
10/8/13 10:34 PM

What a lucky boy! Love the feature wall! And the bed/dresser to die for!

Axel's Room: Subtle & Affordable Changes To Grow Up a Nursery Kids Room Transitions
10/8/13 02:57 PM

Beautiful room!

Benjamin's Marvelous Mish-Mash My Room
8/21/13 07:43 PM