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gemini2 - Sling chair form 1st image in second row is the Paulistano chair, which you can get at DWR...go see it...sit in it...fall in love. Then walk away weeping like I did because all in it's about 2 grand. Beautiful though.

A Golden Glow: Luscious Brown Leather Seating
12/1/11 04:11 PM

NNNOOOOOO! Please, people do NOT buy into this. It's madness. The person above who said this stuff is hotter than concrete is correct. It's a nightmare. There are thermal images of NYC and the patches of fake lawn that serve as ball fields are absolutely red hot. Kids have even gotten burned. This is terrible terrible terrible. I work for an architect and we are constantly trying to push academic clients away from this that are keen on replacing the grass in their quads with this. Studies have shown that students don't gravitate to it like they do a lwan. It doesn't feel like a lawn, it's hot and uncomfortable and actually radiates heat. It's being pushed especially hard in arid climates...exactly where we DON'T need more heat. Plus, there is no getting around the fact that it ends up as landfill and that makes me sad.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | SYNLawn Synthetic Grass#comments
1/22/09 03:29 PM