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Best purchase: The Stokke chair! We still use it (15 years later).

Worst purchase: Top-of-the-line, completely organic, lovingly handcrafted by a commune of vegan Druids, guaranteed-to-raise-my-child's-SAT-score-by-100-points crib mattress. While I was not necessarily in favor of co-sleeping, my babies very much were. Guess who won that argument? Alas, Ivy League may now be out of the question.

Alison's List: Baby Goods I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/11/14 01:30 PM

KaleidoStone Mosaic Tile: Kitchen backsplash AND counters. Front hallway. Heck, I'd stitch that up into a fall dress, if I could. Like a checkerboard graphic, but better!

Win: Luxury Mosaic Tile from
Mission Stone and Tile Giveaway

10/18/13 12:19 PM

In this little world, it seems anything is possible, including a suffragette kudu, a mariachi raccoon, DYI bathroom surgery and, oddly enough, a moose belonging not to the Loyal Order of Moose, but the Fraternal Order of Freemasons (although, he might just be going along with whatever big, angry Bear wants to do...)

Love to see such passion for...for...whatever!

Emi & Nathan's Natural History House Tour
6/19/13 08:48 PM

Magical and enchanting!

Raimud's Hollywood Hills Home & Garden House Tour
6/11/13 04:19 PM

Growing up, everybody I knew had a 1,000 sq. ft. teen suite. Most had a cool industrial vibe, with exposed duct work, poured polished concrete floors and exposed brick walls. These lounges were decorated so tots retro flea market chic, often with wood paneling or dad's Hamm's beer can collection, the one that made a big outdoor scene when stacked. Crafting areas and laundry facilities were often included.

Back in the day, we called these dedicated teen spaces "the basement."

For those of us yet lacking a "wing" on our "estate" for a $750,000 "teen lounge," the WSJ article still made a few good points.

I grew up in tornado territory, where every ranch-style house had a basement and usually a backdoor close to the basement stairs. We generally came and went as we pleased, with a "Hey Mrs. K! on the way down. I'm raising my teen in earthquake territory, where the houses don't have basements. Seeing as how I am legally, financially and ethically responsible for the doings of an autonomous being bigger, stronger and in some ways smarter than me, but still with an underdeveloped frontal cortex and overcompensating amygdala, I'll do what I can to make his room appealing to him and welcoming to his friends. I'm happy when he and his sandy surfer friends eat my kitchen bare and while away their precious youth playing video games in his room, where I have some ability to temper his budding Bevis-&-Buttheadery. Once in a while, he even emerges and will say something like, "Hey Mom, wanna watch a movie with me in my room?"

And have you seen this Internet? Snooping teen online activities, in my opinion, is a parent's safety obligation, just as much as bike helmets and seat belts.

Using Luxury Rooms to Keep Teens Home The Wall Street Journal
5/21/13 02:39 PM

And this person prints on plexiglass! There's got to be an idea in there somewhere...


Ideas for Rental's Lilac & Black Tile? Good Questions
5/14/13 07:03 PM

Because this is a bathroom with a shower, can we go with a "Purple Rain" theme, please? Pretty please?


Ideas for Rental's Lilac & Black Tile? Good Questions
5/14/13 06:59 PM

Cinnamon = ant Kryptonite. They avoid it. Sprinkling cinnamon near entry points will keep them away. Also, ants don't like bay leaves.

How To Make an All-Natural Ant Killer Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/14/13 10:33 AM

PBTeen maybe?

This one?


One bed with a built in storage/privacy wall PLUS...

...plus this couch-looking daybed:

(And I don't work for PB Teen :-)

Have fun!

How To Design Shared Bedroom For Two Single Ladies? Good Questions
4/28/13 02:01 AM

A few times a year, I like to host a "Front Yard Friday". Our house is small and I'm not very comfortable having the neighbors over, because our house just isn't that nice. But, I will put out chairs and on the front lawn and an ice bucket of beers and sodas. Whoever comes by and wants to chat, can chat. Really easy, really casual. Come for ten minutes or stay until midnight. Bring a bag of chips, a volleyball or a gripe about that new loud restaurant: all are welcome. Some years this catches on and someone else's front lawn is the place to meet the next Friday. It does bring the people on our street together, young and old. And I think it's time for another Front Yard Friday.

The #1 Reason for Hanging Out, Out Front
4/16/13 01:18 PM

Dream house. Inspirational and aspirational. Beautiful. Thank you for posting!

Brad & Julie's Sunny Modern Victorian House Tour
4/10/13 12:42 AM

I have lots and lots and lots and lots of minimal. So, it's not cozy. Hm.

Minimal vs. Cozy: Which is More \"You\"?
4/8/13 04:33 PM

Landlords who keep the deposit! When I left one rental apartment, I hired professional painters and professional cleaners to make the place spotless. And spotless it was! At hand-over of the keys, my landlords found things to complain about: I missed my own going-away party to clean the oven (again) and clean the outside communal hallway (I went and bought a bunch of cleaning supplies and cleaned that darn oven and hallway wearing my nice party clothes). Once I was moved overseas, my landlord decided to keep my deposit anyway, because I "left behind" the brand new carpet I had professionally installed (with their consent) over the bare floor in the front hall and because there was a ring of dirt on the balcony where there was once a potted plant. $1000 dirt ring. Because I was overseas looking for a place to live with a baby in tow, they knew I wouldn't be able to go to court. I paid my rent on time every month. Was never loud, never had a party. But I did have a baby. But I moved out with him, so they should have been happy with me, right? Greedy bastards. (I'm looking at you Mr. and Mrs. A!)

I then made a habit of photographing every inch of a rented apartment before I moved in and handing the landlord copies of the photos I took. Saved my butt.

Today, I am looking to buy rental property. So, I'll be interested to read everybody's landlord tales!

Landlords: The Good, Bad, and the Bizarre
3/14/13 02:37 PM

Ignorance in DIY can be empowering: I think sometimes it is better not to know what a hammer is. That way, you don't know that you don't know how to use a hammer (or a table saw or a drill press...). If you had known more, you might just have run for the hills at the words "rotting bathroom floor" and never looked back. And what a shame that would have been. And lookie there: You actually did know how to do a thing or two after all. Congratulations! It's stunning!

Rob's Life \"In a Musuem\" House Call
3/7/13 03:46 PM

A very apropos story for the desert: The desert, like this abandoned store, may seem "dead" but with just a little creativity raining down, it blooms! Love everything about it!

Before & After: Steve's City Grocery Garden The Gardenist
2/22/13 01:21 PM

Just a quick THANK YOU. Excellent program. My house is far from cured, but the patient is out of ICU ("ICU should probably get rid of that ... ICU finally cleaned out that closet ... ICU hung that painting your picked up two years ago ... etc.")

I'm not embarrassed to say, my house embarrasses me. It is far from House Beautiful; at least it is now House Clean and Clutter-Free (mostly...). I'm even having company over, which I haven't done since, well, I liked my house. So, maybe this exercise has helped the introverted me more than just keeping my computer cords tamed ...

I'd happily sign up for a 12-month cure ... y'know, a once or twice a month assignment ... hint, hint, HINT.

Thanks, again!

Apartment Therapy's January Cure
2/7/13 04:27 PM

This could be fun: Stick Velcro, (the hook side) to all your "stuff" (iPad, iPod, calculator, keys, sunglasses case, hairbrush, lip balm etc. etc.) and use the carpet as vertical organization. If you use enough Velcro, you could just toss stuff on the walls and it will stick! You might be on to something: The carpeted Velcro wall could be new the chalkboard paint wall ;-)

Ikea has a bunch of curtain panels that have dark grey in them: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/living_room/10702/

Have fun!

Ideas for Decorating New Apartment with Dark Blue Carpet on the Walls? Good Questions
12/17/12 08:39 PM

Great tour! The classic Eames pieces and even the Ikea pieces look really fresh here. That coffee table with the magazines stacked willy-nilly looks sculptural. Love it.

I think the photography is beautiful. I like the creamy-dreamy bokeh: It makes the tour more personal. And the overall images are perfectly balanced.

Jinsoo's Artful Artifice and Artifacts Loft House Tour
10/20/12 01:33 PM

For those who don't have whatever issues, but want a temporary solution anyway (something just for the holidays or something for a themed party, maybe?), temporary adhesive spray (also "basting spray" or "repositionable spray") used in sewing will do the trick. A very, very light spraying is sort of like putting "Post-Its" adhesive on the back.


The adhesive allows you to reposition the paper, even take it off fully in tact. You should test in a corner to make sure the spray doesn't pull the paint from the wall (especially if the walls are plaster). Again: a very, very, very light spraying. A little goes a long way. Works best on smooth, untextured walls.

But, it is a crazy amount of work and a crazy amount of spray you would need.

How Can I Hang Regular Wallpaper in a Temporary Way? Good Questions
10/19/12 11:34 AM

Fluffy flokati?


Or...broad mod stripes?


Or... how about cowagunga?


Have fun!

What Should I Do with This Teak Chair? Good Questions
9/27/12 10:39 PM