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A carefully peeled Ruby Red Grapefruit and the other half of yesterday's bagel, revived with a ten second spell in the microwave, and some hard time under the broiler. Little olive oil instead of buttah.

What Did You Eat For Breakfast Today? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/5/10 10:39 AM

@jonathon (myself)
Whatever bonks me on the head, while opening the fridge I cook from that.

Kitchen Keeping: How Do You Organize Your Cookbooks? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/2/10 02:06 PM

What is this "Organization" you speak of? Some kind of Kitchen Cabal. No, no, no I use the popular Sueussian Stack as pictured here

Kitchen Keeping: How Do You Organize Your Cookbooks? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/2/10 02:04 PM

Maxwell -
Fantastic job!

Hope you pull ahead and win, but it's an honor to be nominated, as they say. I mean, what a coup, to be mentioned in the same breath as Elle decor really says something about what you've built here.


The Writer's Romantic Supper by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for Apartment Therapy Bloomingdale's Big Window Challenge 2010, Room #2 | Apartment Therapy New York
1/27/10 05:51 PM

Mexican' tile - after a boyfriend who loved it hurt me. It was great though. Warm underfoot, chicken prints running through it from where it cured in the sun. I still get a little dizzy feeling when I see it.

When you're in a same sex relationship clothes and other stuff tend to muddle together. Underpants styles must be changed after a breakup!

Break Ups: A Reason For Throwing Stuff Out | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/30/09 03:20 PM

While I loved the Mary's sunken living room and Rhoda's boho chic Ann Marie's Apartment from "That Girl!" with the inestimable Marlo Thomas was, how do the kids say it? Fabuuuuuuuuuulous, even though she was a temp in NYC and

Plus her boyfriend, her clothes...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Who Had the Best Apartment? Mary vs. Rhoda
9/29/09 02:17 PM

I really love rich sort of piquant tones that are coming back into vogue, like these stools. Piquant's not quite what I mean, but close. Peppery, warm colors like umber and avacado, very popular when I was a kid (Avocado colored fridge! Eeep!) mustards.

'No Coast States' is funny. What do they call us in the midwest? "Fringe States' or 'Damp States'?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Scavenger: 30 Finds From No Coast States
9/11/09 03:17 PM

@caiti So well said. My original comment should have been worded just like yours. I do feel there are many more successful examples of this style of home.

Caiti wrote: "It is a shame that so many people think that a home requires more space and can't be a home due to shared spaces---something many of us might do well to embrace if we are serious about simplicity in our lives. It doesnt come from having more, despite the amount of marketing done on this site to encourage to consume more items that will make our lives simpler."

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Zen Buddhist Student's Quarters Teeny-tiny Division #25
4/17/09 04:04 PM


My dog would still try to eat it. Sheesh.

We should just go to retina scans! Then the only way to lose your key...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Great Tip: Hiding A Spare House Key
1/9/09 01:47 PM

I looked all over the intarwebz for similiar piece - couldn't find it. Instead: Baby, I would just detach it. Or saw it off! (or have a handyman do it) This would be very easy if it's a "ready to assemble" bit of furniture.

And if it felt wobbly - I'd reattach it at the crux by using a small bore drill bit, wood glue and some small dowels. It seems like the legs are real hard wood, so you would not have any problem drilling.

If it did not feel wobbly I'd just leave it off.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Desk That Also Works For Dining?
10/30/08 09:55 AM

I sense a contest!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Making Something Out Of NothingDecorating With Craigslist's Free Section Pt. 1/5
10/20/08 10:22 AM

The little homie toy is probably saying "What the...?! Stop taking pictures in my window, freak!" BTW, if you live in a place where burglar bars are a necessity, try painting them to blend in with your window frame (not a contrasting color).

Apartment Therapy DC | Look!: Mardi Gras Beads as Outdoor Decor
10/17/08 09:46 AM

Not to mention... Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan on the How Did You Get That F*ing Awesome Job feature. I was really glad to see that. Great interview, MGR! Totally cool. Cool illustration too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Strength in Numbers ReadyMade, October/November 2008
9/29/08 08:52 AM

so much depends

a red eames

glazed with poly

beside the white

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/15/08 01:27 PM

Re: west elm
Supplies are getting scarce at the west elm in chelsea, where I hold down a part-time job...

the "dash for design" sale ends on 7/7 or 7/9, I can't remember, exactly - but it's soon.

There's some really cute pre-fall stuff coming out now too. A lot of the home accents have an illustration inspired theme like these storage boxes

Apartment Therapy New York | Blue Glass on Sale at West Elm
7/2/08 10:06 AM

@btoddster - Hilarious. But the wrong tones. Everything is blue in MM's movies.

I actually like the busts of the bucks, though my grandmother had a room with alabaster sculpture and the kids were never allowed in there at all, except on special days. We only hung out in the den or the screen porch. This room is for grown up parties - were really expensive booze and coke are served.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Dramatic Lighting
6/23/08 07:22 PM

I like this... but I work there, part time. I still think it's decent quality, and you can get it in seven days. There's also something called the waterbury but it's actually for bath products. It comes in a teak. book

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: The Perfect Bookcase?
6/17/08 06:32 PM

PS. The blankie is adorable.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Best Blanket EVER
5/30/08 09:54 AM

Hey, where's my blanket, sis?! I knew she always liked you better.

Oh wait - you're not my sister... Sorry I was confused 'cause MY Mom is the best ever. She even has the mug to prove it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Best Blanket EVER
5/30/08 09:53 AM

Shelves! And then maybe merch it out with some nice pottery. Use the outlets for curio lights.

A fish tank would be nice too, except fish are susceptible to temperature changes. You could end up with broiled goldfish. Or would they be poached?

Plus you might find it hard to clean and feed them up there.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Can I Do With the Empty Space on Top of My Fireplace?
5/16/08 11:31 AM