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Gen X/Y here. Factors into the gardening/non-gardening style of our generations are as follows:

-Time... we work more and longer than previous generations, with greater commitments to social/technological extracurriculars

-Financial... we make less money and have a dwindling expendable income ratio when you consider the continual rise in cost of living across the board

-Lifestyle... our generations are waiting longer and longer before making domestic commitments like marriage, children, home-ownership, partially because we can, and partially because it's getting harder and harder to afford those commitments.

-Domestic priorities... Previous generations were occupied by domestic pursuits in a way that was very individualistic and private. Our generations are much more interested in community and global domestics- the ideas of sharing, being conscious of our footprint, learning from each other. But we are exploring uncharted territory here, and so we are still figuring out what exactly we want and how we can provide this for ourselves.

-Ecological/Social priorities... Gen X/Yers are overwhelmingly interested in ecological and social justice, to varying degrees but nonetheless it's something most of us consider to an extent. We have a tendency to truly consider the cost/impact of our decisions. We are interested in sustainability, organics, fair trade, recycling, ethical consumerism, local economy, etc.

It's hard to see what the future looks like for our generations... But I would guess that community gardens, urban homesteading, tool/skill sharing, and green-living will be in there somewhere.

Personal anecdote: When I moved to Albuquerque, NM from San Francisco, CA, part of the draw was climate and cost of living. I work much fewer hours here in the Southwest than I would have to in San Francisco to be able to afford the same things. I now have time for pursuits like gardening and the sun is incredible here- for plants and people alike. Most rented homes and many rented apartments in this city welcome gardening and the affordability of homes means younger home-ownership. I have several friends, owners and renters alike, with full-fledged vegetable gardens and chicken coups in their backyards. We have fantastic resources for urban homesteading, community gardening, and xeriscaping, it's a huge part of the culture here probably in part because of the long cultural roots of agriculture along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. The traditional irrigation techniques of the spanish and the puebloans are still used today to nurture this hot and dry climate. They are ancient keys to sustainable agriculture that we can continue to learn from. And because our climate is so specific, there are several business who cater to xeriscaping which is inherently climate-conscious in a way I never experienced in the Bay Area where moisture can actually take a toll on your garden.

Check out these resources:

Plants of the Southwest
Rio Grande Community Farm
Albuquerque Coop Tour
Albuquerque Backyard Farms
Landscape Architecture program at University of New Mexico

Where Are the Gen X & Y Gardeners? The Gardenist
2/17/13 11:56 AM

Love the yellow and the wood inserts. I recently came across this pinned image and I feel like there is a very feasible 'hack' to make the plant shelves pictured in it. Skinny VITTSJÖ with wood shelf inserts with accommodating pot holes sawed out. Sounds fun!

The IKEA VITTSJÖ: 5 Colorful Hacks
2/14/13 11:36 AM

make 'em scrubbers by throwing a plastic net produce bag over them... you know, the kind that lemons and garlic come in all the time.

Pop Up Sponges
9/10/12 12:04 PM

I. Love. This. House.

Michele & Ryan Tansey's Antiquarian Hideaway
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10/30/11 07:13 PM

What a great story and a delicious recipe... I wonder how one would make this vegetarian... maybe with garlic and onion instead of a bone. Throw some rice in with the beans... or barley. Also, this story is perfect lately as I've begun a project on Kickstarter and am very close to success as each of my friends, family members, and generous strangers throw what they can into the pot to help me fund a home textile studio. The whole premise of is very much akin to Stone Soup... Little bits from many can make big things happen. :)

Ham Bone, Greens, and Bean Soup
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10/26/11 02:44 PM

I have a little table lamp on the counter of the pass through. I live in an apartment with a tiny galley kitchen with horrible fluorescent lighting. Having my sweet little lamp gives me an alternate light source that actually warms my home instead of institutionalizing it further. That lamp makes me feel like I'm in a little cottage and not a standardized apartment.

Design Idea: Table Lamp in the Kitchen
10/11/11 04:34 PM

I love Kelly's work! Thanks for sharing a peek into the personal space of this creative gem.

Kelly's Retro Artist Loft in Downtown LA
House Tour

9/7/11 08:51 PM

cute as a button, this is a house I would want to visit!

Suki's Gem On The Hill
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6/13/11 07:10 PM

Wow... First off- "Clean up on aisle five." Someone is spamming the heck out of this post. Ha.

Art in the bathroom is fine as long as it isn't anything you really care about. Humidity (and in gerneral any proximity to water) is one of Art's greatest nemeses. I would stick to cheap posters and found art dans le bain.

Art in the Bathroom
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5/13/11 10:22 PM

Oh what a beautiful home... It's hearkening back to the really, good ol' days of AT when all the tours looked beautiful, adaptable, affordable, and do-able. I love this eclectic style. It's interesting because you can see hints of minimalism, traditionalism (real word?), maximalism, and modernism. Classy.

Mallory & Liz's Santa Monica Prop House
House Tour

2/9/11 08:11 PM

Textiles, like a sweet table cloth or runner, artwork, like a painting or some photos or a cool poster or even vintage images picked out at a thrift store, and flowers and candles... Those four things will instantly make it feel like 'your' home.

Where to Start to Make New Place More Homey?
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12/6/10 12:18 PM

Wow... it's been a while since I've signed into AT so I could comment. But this tour was just so wonderful and inspiring. I love how cozy, polished, and quirky your place is, Sonja. Those blue curtains are so glamorous, the upholstered bed, your artwork clusters, all those throw pillows, the JA custom armchairs. Ugh, so delicious, but at the same time, this tour makes my feel like I could make a home as gorgeous as this with some great taste and a pinch of elbow grease. Fantastic. Also I adore the way you have seamlessly incorporated some of IKEA's more economy minded pieces into your home, which is so ElleDecor. The steel shelves in the kitchen, the LACK side table, the shelf above your headboard. Fantastic!

Sonja's Salon de Silver Lake
House Tour

11/27/10 11:22 PM

I'm sorry... but all that packaging (eco or not) is ridiculous. Even if the packaging is biodegradable or made from recycled plastic bottles... the energy is took to make and apply all the packaging cancels the eco-friendliness of the product for me. Aside from the fact that I think 'covering lamps' in swaths of felt is kind of a stupid idea, wouldn't you need far more than a $1.00 sheet to finish a project of any real substance? Why not cut down on packaging by selling them in larger packs? This is just really weird and proof that not all 'green' ideas are created equal.

Look! Presto Felt Is An Eco-Friendly Craft Option | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/18/10 03:31 PM

I think my kitchen is about half the size of any of these and completely lacking in the cabinets and shelves area. Also pretty limited counterspace. I love it though! It works just fine with two amateur chefs in the house, especially with all the windows and the back patio out the door.

Our 10 Favorite Small Kitchens Inspiration Gallery | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/6/10 01:04 PM

-lg cast iron skillet
-mini food processor
-thick wooden chopping board
-nesting bowls
-mortar and pestle
-wooden spoons
-spice grater
-measuring spoons and Pyrex measuring beaker
-colander: draining, straining, and an ever-trusty sifter-substitute

Ten Most-Used: Emily's Favorite Kitchen Tools | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/11/10 12:49 PM

Wow, this is a doozy. How'd you guys give this passing marks?

How To Turn IKEA's Tullsta Chair Into a Designer Piece Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy New York
2/2/10 09:55 PM

I wish I had room above my stove for a shelf... I guess the window's alright. ;)

Jenny and Cristina's Fresh White Green Rental Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/2/10 09:26 PM

Thanks so much for the inspiration... here's my take if you care to peek. ;)

Look! Pendant Lamp Makeover For Under $12 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/16/10 12:27 AM

My best friend knows the old owner and has been to a number of parties at this locale... she says it's phenomenal.

As far as the location and B&B idea goes... if gentrification goes as planned it would be a perfect place for a B&B. I suspect whoever gets in now will be in for a pretty sweet living in the next few years. And yes, the HP is full of toxic garbage, but so is DogPatch and I don't see that stopping the flock or artists, queers, and hispters moving there. Plus what's a little poison on your vacay?

On the Market: Dreamy Urban Castle | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/18/09 12:51 AM

I love Paxton's Gate! I think taxidermy is an incredible science and art form and I love everything in there... yes it's a little creepy, but what else are you gonna do with the dead animal once it's dead? I don't think Paxton Gate's people go out and slaughter animals to stuff and put in their shop. Most likely they commission works from taxidermy artists who purchase or trade hides with hunters or ranchers who've eaten/sold the meat or had the animal put down for health reasons and such.

How different is a taxidermy animal from a leather couch? Just cause you can see the animal's likeness still doesn't make it's deadness any more real.

Natural Curiosities, Oddities and More at Paxton Gate | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/18/09 12:44 AM