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I've found that my style/tastes are often different enough that when I'm searching home decor/furniture sites/stores, I feel like I'm searching for a purple dinosaur that doesn't exist! DIY allows me to make something the way that I want it and see it in my head, as well as lets me break out of some of the cookie cutter ideas. The bonus is it often saves me money too!

Control Freak: Why I DIY
3/5/14 03:38 PM

PreChopped butternut squash or sweet potatoes. I've wasted far too much of both in trying to cut appropriately so I cheat. Also, refrigerated pie dough for quiche or quick pies, though always make it from scratch for Thanksgiving!

What's Your Favorite Convenience Food from the Grocery Store?
2/25/14 11:56 AM

I love doing a January post holiday party with an ugly/unwanted gift Yankee swap- it's a fun way to see some of the silly/ridiculous stuff people get for gifts and even if people get stuck with something totally random, it's a fun time and a fun way to continue the holiday spirit in the often cabin fever filled days of January!

Something Different: 8 Fresh New Party Ideas
11/5/13 02:48 PM

I've made it and would agree it is more coffee cake like than bread. I used instant lemon and chocolate pudding because I had already started making it when I realized I was out of vanilla pudding. It tasted quite yummy though with the lemon giving it a nice zing.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Amish Friendship Bread: Have You Ever Made It?#comments#comments
1/21/09 10:25 AM