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Wow, you have done such a great job. I wouldn't normally be a fan of so much wood but it works so well here, it's a great contrast to the white and it give a really luxurious, masculine feel. I love it!

Darren's Usable Space
4/15/11 10:16 AM

Love the bright colours mixed with the black-and-white

Madeline's Colorful Studio
4/15/11 09:58 AM

@bepsf --

You're entitled to your opinion of course too...
...but IMO not all rugs are supposed to function as an anchor to a seating area

5 Examples of Bigger Being Better (In Small Spaces)
4/14/11 06:56 PM

A floorplan would really help here, because I think a different furniture arrangement might work better - swapping the walls the the sofa and TV cabinet are on. Then you have would room for more seating perpendicular to the sofa if you wanted it. Or if you decided to put a desk on that wall you wouldn't have all your "hard" furniture along one wall (which I think looks better).

Re a side table or lamp, my preference woud always be for lamps (multiple!). I always like one in the corner, but you should get one at a time to see how it effects the room before you decide what other ones you might want.

Re the art, I disagree with the theory of "art must be hung at eye-level". I think it can make a room look squashed, particularly a high-ceilinged room. And I think it looks terrible if a large piece is hung like this over a sofa and effectively looks like it's propped up on the back fo the sofa. I know there are very strong opinions held on this, but you should know that it is not compulsory - if you like it do it, if you don't then don't. (Actually that last bit is the best advice all around!)

BTW - I also don't think you should necessarily follow the advice to go with colours which can be found in your closet - if I went by that I'd be living in the Bat Cave (I wear mostly black)

Suggestions For Decorating Living Room?
Good Questions

4/14/11 11:30 AM

The first two pictures are a bit "prison break" for my taste, and the third is a bit "hostel break"

Cantilevered Bunk Beds for Small Spaces
4/14/11 11:10 AM

Totally disagree with point no. 1, a bigger rug is not always better. In fact in a small space having a decent margin of visible floor around a rug can make the space seem considerably larger, particularly if the rug isn't tucked under the legs of any furniture. I speak from experience on this one having tried three different rug sizes in a particular room and in the end going with one I cut down to size myself.

5 Examples of Bigger Being Better (In Small Spaces)
4/14/11 05:09 AM

Love it!

Kim & Scott's Yellow Brick Home
4/13/11 10:00 AM

Although not a fan of the Mao calendar either, I think you've done a lovely job, it's full of personality and warmth and colour, it looks like a great place to live in.

Rae's First Apartment
4/13/11 09:57 AM

Lovely - and excellent DIY on that shelving unit, it looks terrific!

Kelley's DIY Apartment
4/13/11 09:53 AM

Beautifully done!

Gorica's Serbian Studio
4/12/11 10:24 AM

Love it!

The Midyette Family's Tribeca Loft
House Tour

4/11/11 05:13 PM

Beautiful place, I love the colours, but I especially love the ransom note floorplan - if there was a competition for floorplans you'd surely win!

Marielle & Simon's Bright and Joyful
4/11/11 10:16 AM

Also not a fan of the scary rug, but love the rest of the place :)

Shelby's Lots of Character
4/6/11 09:58 AM

I love the way the pictures are framed offcentre with those stripes of colour, so unusual, looks terrific.

Before & After: An Empty to Efficient Workspace

4/6/11 05:19 AM

Although the colours wouldn't be to my taste I love the open feel of this house. My sister lived in a wheelchair accessible apartment (although she was not in a wheelchair her boyfriend was for some of the time) and one of the first things we all noticed was how the accessibility features made the place feel so much more airy and spacious. Even just the slightly wider corridors and doorways, and the elbow-height (if you're standing up) lightswitches all made a huge, positive, aesthetic difference.

Karen & Dave's Accessible Renovation
House Tour

4/6/11 05:15 AM

@Emmi - I omitted a longer response in my original post, but new-builds can be more ecological not just in terms of insulation and energy usage but also in terms of higher density and better planning that results in mixed business/residential developments requiring less commuting as well as more walkable developments, better public transport and more community centered services and amenities.

Good new-build housing can be much more ecological in this sense.

The Prince of Wales and His Eco-Friendly Houses
3/30/11 10:23 AM

"these plans are to build brand new homes? That can never be more eco-friendly than simply altering the homes already in existance"

Actually it can. In many cases building a new eco-friendly building is a more ecological option that retrofitting an old building to the same standards.

The town mentioned by Tricia Rose is Poundbury (

The Prince of Wales and His Eco-Friendly Houses
3/29/11 10:56 AM

I had a bedroom with skylights once but it was on a flightpath to an airport and sometimes they came in quite low. More than once I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was in Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Skylights Above the Bed
3/29/11 10:32 AM

I agree the vignettes shown are cluttered looking, but I do think it's a good idea to put your (smaller, simpler) vignette on a tray, especially on something like a coffee table. That way it doesn't stray all over the place and more to the point you can clear it out of the way in one go if you need the surface for something else. (For me this especially works for all the remote controls I apparently need)

How to Create Sophisticated Vignettes
Lonny Magazine

3/28/11 07:10 AM

I think one really helpful thing to do is to change all your bulbs to low-energy at the same time. Because the colour is different to incandescent bulbs and if you are going from a room lit by incandescent bulbs into a room lit by low-energy bulbs then the transition is awful. But if your whole place is lit by low-energy bulbs then every room is the same "colour" and so you don't really notice the different colour to the light.

Don't buy bulbs that are coiled (like the one pictured), buy ones that have a smooth bulb as they give a better colour light in my experience. Also don't buy "softtone" bulbs as they give a really quite orange light, whereas the normal low-energy bulbs give a more white light.

The light can be very harsh though and I think it works better if you can diffuse it through a fabric shade or by bouncing it off a wall or ceiling. Polypropelyne lightshades do a great job of softening the light, but otherwise I would steer clear of any white shades (especially white glass). For some reason lower wattage low-energy bulbs seem to give off a whiter light, so even though they are dimmer they are not softer. Again I would recommend polypropelyne shades which soften it up nicely.

(By polypropelyne I mean plastic, like for example the Ikea Fillsta -

Recommend The Best Incandescent Light Bulbs?
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3/24/11 08:42 AM