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Can I ask you where you got your spiked mat? Is it made esecially for this problem? I'd like to get one, thanks!!

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5/4/13 01:07 PM

We don't have any peppermint oil handy, but I do use Eucalyptus oil for my children when they are sick. Going to try that today, and hopefully, she will hate the smell, and leave our flowers alone!! Thanks for the idea!!

Indoor Plants: How Do You Keep Your Cats Away?
5/4/13 01:05 PM

Hi Virginia, It's rather funny I ran across your comment. My 11 yr. old daughter needs to dress up in the '70 style, for an up-coming 'spring' concert next week. I have had more trouble trying to 'make her look like the '70's, even with friends advice. You say you think the clothes were ugly?? Can you please tell me what you remember, I remember bell-bottoms and hip-huggers. Platform shoes they no longer sell... Help! Any advice you can give me would be really appreciated! Many Thanks~

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5/4/13 12:10 PM