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As someone with colorful taste, my favorite passive aggressive "compliment" is "well, I could never live here, but..." it's the "no offense, but" of the design-world.

I don't let it shake me, my response is generally "some people seek a calming atmosphere at home, some people seek an energizing atmosphere, I'm of the later camp."

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 01:59 PM

I'd be curious to see how many "shoes off" people are city folk and "shoes on" are country folk. Having grown up in a small-town-shoes-on home, I didn't think twice about it. Moving to the city, I would absolutely never have a shoes-on home. I wouldn't say I'm militant about it, I've made exceptions for people with foot problems, but I have the required bench/basket of washable slippers in multiple sizes, shoe rack assembly and most people get the hint. The composition of what you could be tracking in is wildly different depending on where you live. Also people tend to walk more in cities...

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 01:52 PM

Haha just yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night sandwiched between my husband and the cat who were BOTH snoring and BOTH taking up a full side of the bed. I had to push kitty to the bottom of the bed to reclaim my side. She didn't even stop snoring during the process, just made some piggy-like grunting noises.

So yeah, we wash the sheets frequently, there's no keeping her in one spot.

Pets in the People Bed: Tips for a Cleaner & Cozier Pet Pajama Party Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 06:25 PM

Parking really isn't so bad in Ballard if you're willing to walk more than 3 blocks to the main shopping/restaurant areas on Market or Ballard Ave. Yes, parking ON Market, Ballard Ave, and Shilshole is nuts now, but that's because there is now this great lively shopping and restaurant district. My husband and I lived on Capitol Hill for six years and are perplexed by the complaints about Ballard parking, on the Hill people are happy to be within 10 blocks of their intended destination, Ballard isn't anywhere near as bad (yet). Not intending to sound critical, but lamentations about parking in popular places make me a little crazy, and Seattlelites LOVE to complain about parking! If it prevents you from visiting an area you love - bus.

Rant aside, definitely going to have to check out this shop, was just chatting with some girlfriends about how we all have sewing machines and basic knowledge, but not enough to actually create something interesting.

Make*Do*Mend + Drygoods Design in Seattle Creative Workspace Tour
1/9/14 05:43 PM

My vote is fireplace wall (leaving fireplace white) on both sides. That'll frame the fireplace nicely and add some punch. Also it'll highlight the fun angles of the ceiling. The carpet is indeed hard to work with, but I would avoid any shade of brown/beige/taupe whatever you want to call it, it's going to start feeling brown and heavy. Maybe a plum or slate blue? I just stumbled upon this house tour- I think a lot of the colors here could work in your space?

Rugs and curtains always warm up a room too, but I think that the fireplace wall is begging for some color.

How Do I Bring Color into My Living Room? Good Questions
12/19/13 03:42 PM


Amy's Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment House Tour
12/12/13 04:32 PM

Please please please please don't paint that wood. I see so many ruined art deco pieces on craigslist that someone has painted the wood shiny black and reupholstered in a kicky contemporary fabric that they're trying to pawn off as "modernized!" It makes me so very sad! And there are sooo many of them, I don't think people are actually buying them.

This piece has a demanding presence, you need to to embrace it. Keep it rich and bold, whether that be via color choice or fabric texture. I can see that the velvet is a bit worn, so yeah this guy might need a little love, but velvet is a fantastic texture on that frame - I can see gray, blue, lavender, chartreuse, hunter green, black all in velvet. I understand wanting to integrate amazing antique pieces into modern spaces, but I think you should remain true to this piece and style the rest of the room in a way that plays nicely with it. Or sell (someone will want it) and get a low-profile sofa.

Also, I'm against tufting this. You're not going to frankenstein this piece into a chesterfield. Let it be its supple art deco self.

(this is what you get for asking for opinions ;)

How To Make Art Deco Sofa More Modern? Good Questions
12/10/13 05:50 PM

Seriously KeepinItReal13. A rustic bench and no additional color would have been the safe choice, but I'm going to guess that this all out maximalist treatment makes the owner significantly happier on a daily basis. Personally, I love everything about this.

Before & After: Plain Jane Entryway Now Pops with Pattern & Color
11/12/13 02:18 PM

This is exactly like when a meme finally gets around to my mother and she starts referencing it in EVERY joke and posting it repeatedly on facebook and asks over and over again if you've "seen that one with the dog's inner monologue? SO FUNNY!"

AT You're making me feel like a teenager. "Mooooom (Apartment Therapy) stop! You're embarrassing me!"

Doge Days: Very Trend
11/8/13 05:16 PM

House tours (apartments AND homes, variety in locations/sizes/style).
Interesting home shopping sources (mostly online)
Artist features (home decor and wall art, not just the poster giants)
Floor plans!
High/low features (hey, sometimes people can splurge/covet/saveupfor the high end stuff people even if they can't afford it normally)
Color. Color. Please for real not "pop of color" but COLOR.
Love the idea of follow-up posts on the reader questions.
More reader questions.

Baby stuff. I really hated when AT combined all of the sub-blogs into one.
Life issues stuff - like the "How to take a Selfie" entry. Good lord.

I agree with others that there is a variety issue with some of the house tours, this might be due to what another commenter mentioned as a comment/feedback MCM looping effect where only MCM spaces get positive or neutral reviews. Gotta have tough skin to submit something more risky to this group!

What Would You Like to Hear More About?
10/24/13 04:42 PM

I love the idea of this, but wouldn't it stain your lips? Anyone know?

Black Cocktail Rimming Sugar from Dell Cove Spice Company
10/3/13 05:11 PM

Thank you Classof65.

The winner is a lovely room for sure, but not really a unique or creative application of color in my book. At least the international winner is refreshing.

Voting Closes at 3pm EST: Last Chance to Help Choose Our Grand Prize Winner! Room for Color Contest
10/2/13 06:29 PM

Adam any chance you've read Lydia Millet's Magnificence? If not you probably should, your house is evocative of a strong character in that novel (also a house).

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/27/13 03:23 PM

Seriously fantastic. The pink bedroom is a place I would never leave. Also, my husband and I have (kind of) joked about making our basement "opium den chic" and now I think I'm saving the red room pictures and sending them to him asap. I love houses that make you feel like you're crawling inside someone's brain.

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism House Tour
9/27/13 01:29 PM

Asian fast food companies often use grilled rice patties in the place of bread buns for burgers, so a grilled patty of ramen noodles doesn't seem too strange to me! (In fact, it seems really delicious to me!)

What's Up With Strange Hybrid Burgers?
8/7/13 02:34 PM

Those lamps in the bedroom are perfection, great find!

Amy Campbell's Travel-Inspired Townhouse House Tour
8/1/13 03:56 PM

This post made my brain hurt. More Apartment less Therapy please.

Pro PhotoTips for the Best Selfie Ever ABC News
8/1/13 03:54 PM

Oh man, right there with you leapkate. I had a friend join a group trip to the Caribbean once who didn't pack swimming trunks...

I'm a heavy packer. There I said it. One large checked usually 48lb bag for a two to three week trip. When people give me a hard time about it I just tell them "lugging this thing up and down sub/rail station stairs is how I avoid gaining 20 lbs on my average vacation." I just like dressing up on vacation and feeling fresh while doing so, also comfort is key, I want to have changes of shoes, fresh bras, etc. Also if you've flown lately you know there's always this crowd of people competing for carry-on overhead bid space ready to mad dash the boarding line once their groups is called, which seems very stressful to me!

I believe this is all a reaction to that one-month trip around France I took when I was younger where I only packed a carry-on. There's something to be said about always having fresh underwear and not having to find the very expensive local pharmacy to stock back up on essentials when your teensy travel-sized items run out after a week.

Pros & Cons of Packing Light
7/29/13 06:47 PM

Depends. If the purpose of a vacation is to achieve relaxation then I guess I could see budgeting in some time to recover from the travel day. If the purpose of the vacation is to adventure and escape (generally what I'm looking for), I squeeze every ounce out of the of paid vacation time I can get and just suffer through work the next day and just consider it part of the process. I like the idea of laying out the clothes you need to wear to your first day back to the office before the trip, I think I'll try to adopt that one :)

Are You Ever Able To Take An Extra Day Off After Travel?
7/29/13 06:17 PM

We remodeled our bathroom to have an open shower AND a clawfoot bathtub "wet" area that's open with a glass wall. It's my most favorite room in the entire house now. I've had a few friends comment about not getting that hot steamy, to quote tenantproof's comment "cocoon feeling" shower effect - and it's true it does not fully get that effect. Personally, as an extreme claustrophobic, is the best part of the open design and I never get panic attacks in the shower anymore.

Set Your Shower Free! Open Shower Renovation Inspiration
7/23/13 03:52 PM