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I'm also a 'pre-rinser' guilty as charged - but rather than leaving the water running, it works just as well to fill the sink with a few gallons of hot water and use the same tub of water to pre-rinse all the dishes. I've had dishwashers where scraping was fine, but have also had several dishwashers wherin the same isn't true. I should probably be hand washing all my dishes until I can afford to replace my non-efficient dishwasher!

10 Tips To Make Your Dishwasher Run Better | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/19/09 04:26 PM

Santa, please bring me a modern (but not too modern as to stick out too much in our Arizona cookie-cutter stucco house) outdoor wall sconce to replace the hideous flood lamps we've got going on outside. Oh, and the kids want a puppy. ;)

Dear Santa, Please Bring Me a Herringbone Floor | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/12/09 09:40 AM

@crazylady: if you're buying a 100K home, sure!

Before & After: Renovating a Rental in Prospect Heights The New York Times | Apartment Therapy New York#comments#comments
12/11/09 06:00 PM

I agree as well, but as a person who bought her first place at age 37 - trust me. There are a LOT of situations out there that prevent people from ever being able to buy, and I imagine when you factor in the NYC factor it's multiplied. We're not all fortunate enough to come into a down payment, even a 3.5 percent down payment if we're lucky enough to qualify for an FHA loan... and it would take years upon years of saving to make a nest egg large enough for a down payment. Not to mention in some areas, rent control means that rent is more affordable than ownership (not true here in AZ, where i'm paying less for my mortgage and double the sf than I was in my apartment). There are just all types of reasons for all types of people - and for some, the option of having a personalized "home" is worth letting someone else reap the financial benefit. Money isn't always everything, but to some people, your home is your heart.

Before & After: Renovating a Rental in Prospect Heights The New York Times | Apartment Therapy New York
12/11/09 03:48 PM

Aww, give crappucino a break. She is now in java rehab.

The Best (Or Worst) of Regretsy for Christmas | Apartment Therapy New York
12/11/09 11:28 AM

I love the matchbook idea - I saw that in the original magazine and clipped it out to add to my idea book. Now, what to do with all the matches I'll have to take out of the boxes... another project, hmmmm???

Christmas Countdowns | Apartment Therapy New York#comments#comments#comments
12/11/09 11:17 AM

Cool stuff, but 15 percent off of a 3000 dollar bookshelf is still ridiculous... does it really cost (even with a generous markup) that much to make furniture from trees?

Bobby Berk Home | Apartment Therapy New York
12/8/09 10:31 AM

Darn, I thought they were going to tell us how to make that headboard. I think Mikael's idea would work but it seems like it has (or needs) some kind of schellack (sp?) covering the entire piece - any ideas on what to use?

How To: Build a Colorful Winter Bed | Apartment Therapy New York
12/8/09 10:25 AM

Do need!

Win this Satin Chrome ShelfTrack Organizer Kit from ClosetMaid! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/3/09 05:26 PM

I also saw these at dollar tree. My neighbor used fishing wire and hung them at different heights across her front patio. stunning! (especially in Arizona where we're not really sure what snow looks like. ;)

$1 Versatile Felt Finds & 5 Ways To Use Them | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/30/09 06:22 PM

You've done an amazing job and this is exactly what I would expect to see in a Room for Color contest. I LOVE the peacock blue coffee table. The bright colors are done really well - it feels like you're stepping into a boutique hotel in the pictures! Well done.

Apartment Therapy New York | Mandi's Tahitian Blast Room for Color - East #25#comments#comments#comments
10/15/09 12:08 PM

I'm so excited about buying my first house - with a garage - for this very reason. So many things I have given away over the years due to apartment living that I wish I had back now! Besides, think of the sustainability - if it's in your garage it's not in a landfill, right? Don't tell the boyfriend - he thinks his car is going in the garage. hahah

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Buying Home Decor For A Later Date
10/14/09 05:57 PM

Shower curtain: very good advice. Worse than not being able to shower at the end of the day is having to run to Target/Wal Mart/CVS. And order more pizza than you need on the first night - because you'll need a quick breakfast and your microwave might not be unpacked yet. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 7 Things To Do Before You Move In
10/13/09 05:37 PM

That purple wall is gorgeous. I've been debating doing a dark purple in my bedroom but wasn't sure if a purple with a lot of a red hue would come off too 1980's "cartoonish." It certainly looks real-world in your home - bold and vibrant but also very contemporary. Nice!

Apartment Therapy New York | Mauve & Chartreuse and Other Variations on Purple & Yellow
10/13/09 02:06 PM

Don't throw it away- Freecycle it. Ikea freecycle is like gold.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Eco Guilt and Ikea: Is It Green? Via Inhabitat
2/9/09 11:59 PM

My daughters are constantly taping their art creations/"teacher notes"/"keep out" signs to their doors/walls/wherever. this is a great idea - gives them a space to hang random paper items, and looks cuter than binder paper taped to apartment-painted walls.

Apartment Therapy DC | How To: Give Character to a Drab Door
2/7/09 09:19 AM

You'll be amazed at the things people give away. And when you get tired of a piece of furniture or throw pillows - you can give them away to someone else.

I've gotten miscellaneous plates for a plate wall collection, baby jars for craft projects, and big pieces of glass to make into coffee tables. I've given away a laptop computer, several pieces of furniture, and tons of old picture frames and half used bottles of perfume.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Decorating on a Budget
1/18/09 10:14 AM