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Hi. I'm short on time right now but take a look at the photos of rooms with large windows at See tips for decorating open floor plans at
Hope that helps. Also hope you will post an after picture.

How Do I Arrange Odd Living Room/Kitchen Layout? Good Questions
11/8/13 09:34 AM

There are some great products you can use on the McCobb chair - My favorite is, alas, no longer being made, although you can sometimes find Kiwi Bois on eBay at prices ranging from reasonable to outrageous. The product I use now is American Custom Paste Wax. If you google it you will find on-line vendors and instructions for using it. Choose the color closest to the original.

How Much Work is Too Much for Vintage Designer Chairs? Good Questions
11/8/13 09:21 AM

Great job! I'd like to see a slightly larger rug under the dining table, buy you've done so many wonderful things here I would be willing to overlook that one :-)

Stephanie & Jason's Vintage Assembly House Tour
11/8/13 09:15 AM

Love the book-lined walls and punches of color - well done!

Johanna and Mike's Bright Brooklyn Home House Tour
3/23/13 07:01 PM

You can buy a special pre-coat for wood that is difficult to stain and then it will take the stain better - ask about it at your local paint store.

Best Colors for Bedroom with No Natural Light? Good Questions
1/20/13 04:53 PM

One o my favorites - love your use of color and the ambience you've created.

Laurel & Margot's Celebration of Craft House Tour
1/8/13 09:43 AM

One inexpensive way to gain work space is to purchase a hollow core door and attach it to the wall with hinges so it folds flat when not in use. If you can't attach it to the wall, you can make a simple frame that goes against the wall to attach it to. If you use a Japanese style bed (not the same as a futon since it goes on the floor and is surprisingly a lot more comfortable than any futon I've ever tried here), you can roll it under the table when open. When flat against the wall, the table would serve as a headboard for the bed. You can use hardware or "legs" to hold it open either flat or angled, depending on your preference.

Maximize Space & Storage in Art Student's NYC Studio Apartment? Good Questions
1/8/13 09:41 AM

Can't see how bifold doors will save space, but if you go with the mirror suggestion they will make your space look bigger.

Sources for Modern Bi-Fold Closet Doors? Good Questions
1/8/13 09:34 AM

You've got a lot of great suggestions here. The best grays, if you want to stay with that, IMHO are from Farrow & Ball. You might also find it helpful to check out some of the info and pictures about using color on How to solve decorating problems with color and pattern, , Using color in your home, and 10 decorating mistakes and how to avoid them. I find some of the examples on these sites helpful because it helps you visualize what the result will be. To add depth, you might also want to consider covering one or more walls with wallpaper or fabric - a light realistic looking trellis design on a darker background, for example, should make the wall visually recede and the space look more open. Hope you will post a picture of the room after you've decided which option to follow.

Best Colors for Bedroom with No Natural Light? Good Questions
1/8/13 09:32 AM

It would help if we saw more of the room it is in. Doesn't look like it is worth putting much work or money into - keep your eyes open for an inexpensive replacement that is better quality and worth fixing up. This type of furniture does not last and can offgas some unhealthy chemicals.

How Can I Jazz Up Inexpensive White Particle Board Dresser? Good Questions
10/13/12 09:22 AM


Before & After: Turquoise Front Door In Between Laundry
10/13/12 09:17 AM

Personally I usually prefer more color but this room is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful and serence. I love it!

Kate's "Neutral Botanical" Room Room for Color Contest
10/13/12 09:16 AM

For a neutral, earthy look I'd go with a warm deep taupe on the walls and add a textured shower curtain. You might want to check out some of the good tips here:
How to Solve 11 Common Decorating Problems with Color and Pattern.
or check out this site about How to Choose and Use Color.
I have found both of them helpful. Good luck. Let us know what you decide and if possible post a picture when you've finished the room. I'd like to see how it turns out.

Color Suggestions for Travertine Tiled Bath? Good Questions
10/13/12 09:14 AM

The curtains will make a huge difference. Definitely needs a bright color - even if just on one wall. the black and white is very dramatic and that should be emphasized with your use of color. Try buying a few poster boards in assorted colors or get some white ones and paint them with samples of colors you are considering using. Hang them on the walls and look at them in different lighting, eliminating the ones you like least over the course of a few days. Go with the color left. I also just recommended a great blog about color to someone else who had a similar question. You might want to also check out the info at Choosing and Using Color in Your Home. Hope you'll post an after picture once you've made your decision and made some changes in the room.

How To Add Color Oomph to Living Room? Good Questions
9/26/12 11:21 AM

This room is 80% there - but needs a few tweaks, IMHO. First, I would lower the artwork over the sofa a little bit. Cut the distance between bottom of first row and top of sofa by about half and lower rest accordingly. Go with a warmer color on the walls. And make things a bit less symmetrical. You might find this helpful for choosing color: Choosing and Using Color in Your Home and for general advice, I like How to Transform Inferior Decorating: Identifying and Correcting Decorating Mistakes. You've got a wonderful space -- whatever you decide to do, hope you'll post an "after" picture.

What's Needed in This Room? Good Questions
9/26/12 11:14 AM

Nicely done. Love the way you mix differently scaled pieces and make it work beautifully.

Mark & Patrick's Curatorial Condo House Tour
9/26/12 11:07 AM

I like the open shelving. Really lightens things up.

Julia & Zeus's California Bungalow with an Architectural UpdateHouse Tour
9/26/12 11:04 AM

Quite charming. Modern but still in keeping with the spirit and style of the house.

Andrew & Rebecca's Modern Vintage Country Home House Tour
9/12/12 10:27 AM

Some of these are too fussy for my taste. You can do better.

DIY Ideas: Customized Camera Straps
9/12/12 10:25 AM

I agree! Cats can really make a house a home.

Calling All Apartment Cats: Create And Share Your Own LOL Cat
9/12/12 10:24 AM