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When I left for college, my mom made two trips in the next month after class started to bring me the rest of my stuff she had packed for me. I think all I had when I got there were my clothes and my computer. I had packed like I was going for a long weekend, not like I was living there for the next 9 months

Making the Move: When Do You Start Packing? Survey | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/25/10 09:53 PM

I wonder if it's possible to recreate this on one's own using a sealed wood or something similar. It's lovely.

A Calligraphy Inspired Coat Rack HeadSprung | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/3/10 04:18 PM

If you've got a brown paper bag you can do what my Na-Na does to refresh dinner rolls where she sprinkles them with water and puts them in a paper bag and crimps it shut. In the microwave for 10-15 seconds and they come out steamy and fresh tasting.

It works with other kinds of breads as well. I refreshed a homemade loaf in a paper bag like this in my oven for a dinner party once.

Refresh Stale Corn Tortillas In Under 60 Seconds | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
3/2/10 05:55 PM

I think a lot of Northwest natives like me wear a hat and coat in the rain. If not that then usually a raincoat from Columbia Sportswear or REI. I speak only from my own experiences of living in Oregon my whole life, and by no means am I an authority on Northwest Rain Culture, haha. Were I to own an umbrella, I'd like this one quite a bit. It's not only cute, but the textile geek in me thinks it's awesome.

Squidarella: The Umbrella That Changes Color | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
3/2/10 02:57 PM

I think that many rational adults enjoy doing childish things the same reason that children do: They're fun.

Oh I pray I never take myself too seriously to crawl into a fort and read a book.

Apartment Therapy Boston | The Stitch Room Modular Textiles by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
2/9/09 03:02 PM

What does "even above 39th" even mean? Silly attitudes like that definitely clash with my kitchen.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Shopping Portland's SE Division Oregon Home
1/15/09 11:41 PM