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Bed pugs!

14 Fabulous Pets Dressed Up as Food-Related Things for Halloween
10/29/13 10:43 AM

If we're talking dorm room...several Andy Warhol posters. But the weird ones that no one else bought at the poster sale on campus (e.g. "The Last Supper" with camo print over it). A Robert Rauschenberg poster from a MET exhibit. A Finnish flag. Old school Head of the Charles posters (because they were significantly cheaper than the current versions). And a bunch of postcards and ephemera that I collected because I'm a packrat. I'm still a packrat, but now I frame all of my random collections so it looks more mature and less like trash.

What Your First Apartment Poster Choices Say About You The Toast
7/29/13 08:18 PM

I'm assuming this was in one of the collection or specialty J.Crew shops. They put a lot of love into all of their stores, but really treat their collection shops as showcases.

I used to work at a J.Crew that became a collection store. New tables, new jewelry cases, new clothing racks, etc. We were told that the new mannequins cost about $2000 each. I almost had a heart attack every time I saw a small child playing around the mannequin perched in a seated position on the entry table.

Using Furniture to Sell Fashion:
Jenna Lyons and J.Crew

4/24/13 01:10 PM

Yeah, Kansas!

Brooke's Bright & Happy Room My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/8/13 03:28 PM

Um, best dorm room view ever?

My college had a beautiful campus and a beautiful lake with some beautiful views...but dang. That's gorgeous.

Liberte's Designed Dorm Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/6/13 07:40 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one concerned about feathers on a plate. It looks gorgeous, but the germaphobe in me just can't get past it. Even if they were fake. Even if they were real and had been "cleaned" thoroughly.

Really a beautiful idea. And I love the kraft tape used for the name.

Decorating with Feathers: Ideas & Inspirations
2/25/13 06:35 PM

Yeah...I like them, too.

But even if I didn't like them, they are neutral enough that I wouldn't bother doing anything to them. And I've painted tile walls and a kitchen counter.

Ideas For Covering Windowsills in Rental? Good Questions
2/11/13 06:17 PM

I don't like how perfect tree skirts look. For my mom's tree, we use a Christmas-themed blanket to cover the tree stand. I put my own tree in a bucket.

DIY or Buy: Christmas Tree Skirts
11/30/12 08:47 AM

I'm not a big fan of tree-toppers (on trees, that is - I think classic glass finial tree toppers are absolutely gorgeous). I hang a tiny (half dollar-sized) homemade paper Moravian star *near* the top.

Put a Star on It: Christmas Tree Toppers
11/30/12 08:43 AM

I'm a vegetarian and make this butternut squash pasta (with sliced almonds instead of pine nuts) as my main dish for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my meat eating relatives also really enjoy it.

Ideas for Christmas-Worthy Vegetarian and Meat Main Dishes? Good Questions
11/30/12 08:33 AM

I had a lot of trouble getting RSVPs back for my wedding this summer. Most of them ended up being a "no" and felt guilty. But it's sooo much less awkward to just circle "no" on the pre-stamped RSVP and throw it in the mail than me e-mailing, facebooking, and texting you (I'm an introvert, so no talking on the phone for me).

Also, I had one person RSVP "yes" and then the day before sent a facebook message saying she wasn't going to be able to make it. She lives halfway across the country, so it's not like it was a last minute decision or anything. Plane tickets are expensive, so I wasn't offended at all, I just thought it was funny.

Party Planning Vent: What's So Hard About RSVPing?
11/9/12 09:08 AM

Are those Golden Globes on the top shelf by the stairs?!

Isabelle's Greenest House in Venice House Tour
9/6/12 12:41 PM

YES!!! I have always loved to clean and organize, but I have to be in the mood. I would always flip through this book for inspiration. Worked every time.

8 Truths About Home Organization I Learned from the Berenstain Bears
8/1/12 02:25 PM


Wood Paneling: The 60s Favorite Is Back
3/21/12 12:23 PM

I don't have kids, nor have I even held a baby, but I love rocking chairs. They are so soothing. And I always forget this until I sit in one and can't help but rock and relax. I would imagine that they would be wonderful for getting little ones and sleep-deprived parents to drift off into dreamland. They are a simple luxury.

Is a Glider or Rocker a Nursery Necessity? Nesting a Nursery
3/12/12 03:01 PM

Not only is a waste of paper, but it's such a waste of gas/energy/time to deliver them! I speak from experience.

Death Becomes the Phone Book
1/10/12 03:44 PM

Find someone to install a custom mirror to fill the entire area above the fireplace and add trim around the edge to make it seem like it has always been there. You'll have a giant mirror that reflects lots of light, and if the spirit ever moves you to put something above the fireplace you can set it on the mantle while still having a giant mirror.

Hang a Mirror over This Fireplace?
Good Questions

12/9/11 02:05 PM

I'm in love! The rug and the chairs are definitely my favorite parts, but it really does feel like a Maine beach house in the fall/winter. The rug reminds me of a fisherman's sweater. So cozy and clean!

Annie's "Maine Shoreline" Room
10/28/11 01:13 PM

Ask Jenna Lyons.

How Durable Are Lacquered Dining Tables?
10/6/11 02:16 PM

Oh thank goodness! I was flipping through this magazine at the Portland airport on Sunday and fell in love with the exterior paint job. Since I didn't buy the magazine, I thought I would never see it again! Miracle of miracles! Thank you for sharing!

The New Victorian: A Historic House Gets a Remodel
Portland Monthly

10/5/11 12:44 PM