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The chair is from Baker Furniture, the #6331 Moderne Wing Chair by Thomas Pheasant.!1920350!Chairs!!!!!!!&new_product_section=

Under $100: 5 Luxe-Look Standing Reading Lamps
2/19/14 11:13 AM

I grew up using a top sheet, but when I married my husband I discovered the JOY of going top-sheet-less. His family is European, so I think that's where he gets it from. It's so much easier to make the bed, and less fuss. (We use a duvet cover, and just wash it once a week.) Don't feel weird. Feel liberated!!

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 04:22 PM


Quick Tip: Use a Salad Spinner For Quickly Drying Small Clothing Items
11/4/13 11:09 AM

I found some 1970's porn magazines tucked inside my walls when we did a recent renovation. Does that count??

Ghosts of Residents Past A Meditation on Unseen Connections
9/30/13 02:24 PM

I'd like to know what kind of vines you could get to grow on the (shady) underside of a deck/pergola like in photo #1 (Echo Park Cottage). Would love to grow something like that on the underside of my deck, over my patio!

Eating Home: Backyard Dining
8/29/13 11:48 AM

Great job!!!

Before & After: A Revamped Russian Hill Apartment
7/10/13 11:11 AM

That is an awesome photograph!!!

Modern Dad: Holman Wang
6/13/13 10:38 AM

I keep my socks attached together with a very small safety pin. I keep the pin attached to the inside cuff of my sock even when I'm wearing them, so at night I just pin the two dirty socks together and throw them in the wash. I've done this since I was a kid (my Dad taught me this trick), and it's probably saved hours of sorting socks. AND I've never lost a sock!!

The Best Time Saving Laundry Gadgets You're Not Using
2/15/13 09:35 AM

I have this recurring dream that I find a room in my house that I didn't know existed. This makeover is kind of like that. Amazing!!!!!

Before & After: From Laundry Room to Rustic Chic Bathroom

2/1/13 11:04 AM

Keep an eye on e-bay... I just bought some 8" teardrop pendants (light blue) a month or so ago. You have to watch for them, but they do come up for sale regularly.

Source For Large Crystal Raindrops for 70s Chandelier? Good Questions
1/22/13 10:36 AM

That's awesome!!!

Before & After: From IKEA Dining Table to Chic Desk
1/16/13 05:15 PM

If you work full time and MUST shop on the weekend, I recommend going when the cafe opens (typically 1/2 hour before the store opens). You can browse the store and pick up items... then hit the cashier the moment they open to be first in line! If you plan your trip carefully and know exactly what you are there to get, you can be in and out in less than 1/2 hour.

4 Tips for Getting In & Out of IKEA Faster
1/15/13 01:10 PM

Well done! This is very similar to what I did in my son's closet. I have been photographing his closet every few years to document how it changes as he grows:

Before & After: Anna's DIY Custom Closet Take the Side Street
1/4/13 10:35 AM

This is a truly lovely room. Well done!

A Little Mover's Paradise My Room
12/11/12 04:47 PM

I wouldn't put doors on it, because you already have mis-matched doors flanking it on either side. I'd leave it open, and use attractive baskets or bins to hide the things you want to store on the shelves. I know you don't want to use it to display knick-knacks, but it would look really nice if you mixed the storage baskets with pretty objects to add some visual interest. I think there is a lot of potential here!

What Should I Do with This Built-In Shelving? Good Questions
9/25/12 11:23 AM

I'm an interior designer, and generally we put personal family photos in the more private, casual spaces of a home (bedroom, family room, a bedroom hall, etc.). In more public, formal areas (Living Room, Entry Foyer, Dining Room, etc.) we might use smaller, more discrete photos.

Displaying Personal Photos:
Awesome or Awkward?

9/21/12 12:11 PM

Impending company/visitors is also my DIY motivation. My husband and I were married in our home 3 months after we moved in. We accomplished more DIY projects in those 3 months than we have in the last 10 years!

Renovation Lessons: Learning To Finish What You Start
9/19/12 02:18 PM

Love the origami light!!

Reuse & Recycle: 10 DIY Pendant Lights
9/13/12 05:15 PM

I just had all my family home movies (VHS and 8mm) transferred to DVD at Costco. It wasn't very expensive at all, and they did a great job.

Saving Your Memories From Old Floppy Disks & VHS Tapes
8/29/12 01:23 PM

I just inherited those brass deer from my father-in-law... but I spray painted them glossy white.

Color Pairing: Yellow & Brass
8/24/12 02:24 PM