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NO BICYCLES IN THE HOUSE. So disgusting. And marathon/triathlon numbers do not make interesting wall art. Especially when slapped up with tape like a child's finger painting. Black leather couches are not cozy. Please leave them in the '80s with the Patrick Nagel prints.

Top 5 Essentials That A Guy Should Have
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2/11/11 04:59 PM

If someone had the Panther spread and it was meant to be ironic, I would love it! But if the guy ACTUALLY had the panther spread - well - I doubt I would be at his house anyway....

5 Ways to Make The Bedroom Sexier
2/11/11 03:57 PM

Ditto. This house is amazing. The only reason why I will not give up my first born for it is because it is in LA ;)

Kathleen & Maurizio's Imported Italian Home
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2/11/11 03:43 PM

Wow. If I could live there I would never experience stress in my life. I think I went into a deep trance just looking at the pictures. LOVE.

Enough Is Enough
The Diversion Project

10/5/10 01:50 PM

I love it! And I love the fact that you got everything used. Shows so much vision on your part. I am such a fan of recycling furniture I had thought about writing an article called "Furnished by Craigslist" back when my beloved Domino mag was still around because practically all my stuff is from there or flea markets!

Where Do I Draw the Line for Mixing Styles?
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9/28/10 03:19 PM

I have been looking for a paint color exactly like the one in the kitchen - what is that? Everything i find is too aqua and ends up looking too Tiffanys

Jessie's Vintage Modern Bungalow House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/23/10 03:57 PM

I LOVE the zebra skin on the table under the glass top! It's one of those "why didn't I think of that"s. Gorgeous place, less (space) is certainly more in this case!

Sarah's Family Home for SixHouse Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/29/10 05:06 PM

I was also going to say use a sheet cut into squares, and if you have nice handwriting, you could use a fabric pen and monogram them. Even if you toss them, it would be worth it if it was an old sheet or you got one at the goodwill. Or tell your guests to bring them home with them after the party, maybe write the date on them and make them pseudo - party favors.

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1/15/09 03:17 PM