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I've had very positive experiences with the foundary, and its parent site, hayneedle. They do have good customer service.

The Bargain Shopper: Best Sites for Daily Deals
8/27/11 12:37 PM

You know what would be nice? if in addition to the pretty pictures you had a source for the bedspreads as well.

Beautiful Patterned Bedspreads & Quilts
8/25/11 07:59 PM

Farenheit 451 ( the François Truffaut version)

Playtime (Jacques Tati)

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 10:01 PM

I actually like the before a lot. The sink looks like a bureau with a sink top and bowl mounted on it, and I like that look. The after has a clean look, but it's absolutely impractical. It's kind of useless, unless you want to virtually wash your hands and brush your teeth.

Before & After: Percy Freshens Up the Powder Room
7/26/11 08:33 PM

If you want to have a seller hold something, consider paying by paypal. Most people have accounts these days, and you can just transfer over the money.

How Far Would You Travel For A Craigslist Find?
5/18/11 11:43 PM

The honeysuckles we had were always bright yellow. After searching images on the web, I am now wondering if they weren't really honeysuckles at all, and my whole childhood is starting to seem like a lie :)

Pink Accents in the Kitchen
5/3/11 06:15 PM

Really don't like it when posts go missing. If you're going to get rid of one, then get rid of those that refer to it also. I think the number of negative responses indicate that this is maybe not worthy of an AT post. Perhaps this AT editor could work harder at trying to find truly inspiring makeovers--rather than those that are commonsense, and that any of us could do.

Before & After: A Quick Fix for a Struggling Corner
4/26/11 08:29 PM

No negs provides a skewed perspective, and it's why I read the comments less. If everything is great, then nothing is great.

Though one thing I could do with less of is the painted-wood haters.

Before & After: Thrifted Velvet Couch
The Brick House

3/24/11 06:26 PM

I can't believe all the people raving about the "old" look. It's possibly the same amount of space, but a much worse layout. Plus, the counter juts into the middle of the kitchen. Hard to use, and with the cabinets and counter space on the opposite wall, not even sure you'd be able to get through.

Before & After: Chicago Bungalow Kitchen
3/6/11 11:54 PM

@when -- where did you get that information? I did a search and can't find anything related.

Reclaimed Authentic Manhattan Timber: Made of New York
2/21/11 11:48 PM

The turquoise tiles are great in a picture, not sure I'd want to live with them. The after is great.

Before & After: Ann & Dan's Green and Modern Kitchen
EcoNatalie, Inc.

12/21/10 03:19 PM

It's also probably some version of this:

Replacement Globes for this Mystery Chandelier?
Good Questions

12/13/10 11:29 PM

If you don't mind modifying the original structure ( also not a good idea if it turns out the fixture is worth something)-- you cutting that one strand at the top and putting a wire connector over it.

Replacement Globes for this Mystery Chandelier?
Good Questions

12/13/10 11:20 PM

Leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples makes good wrap paper too.

One Gift Wrapped 4 Ways
12/4/10 11:30 AM

There's tons of kitchens like that in Chicago. Especially places like Pilsen, that haven't been completely gentrified.

Alexandra's Petite First Place
House Tour

11/29/10 10:48 PM

The kinetic menorah is $198.00, not $19.

Sleek Modern Menorahs
11/26/10 08:13 PM

@outonalimb -- got some stuff from him & it was very reasonable for the price. Probably the finishing would be better on a commercial piece, but it's funny you mentioned that, cause I'm thinking of having him do a media center thing.

5 Shelving Units for the Urban Nomad
9/10/10 07:50 PM

ugg. worst experience ever. He insisted on saving his empty boxes, so we had to find room for them. Found room for the other stuff he needs, but he has basically dorm-room quality stuff, and sees no need to upgrade it.

Tips for Merging Two Households
8/17/10 03:35 PM

I like it, though would use it for a desk. I think it's another one of those concept things you can't actually buy though.

Dominos Table: Play with the Table, Not with Your Food

8/11/10 06:42 PM

@smackwaterjack -- thickheaded poor sap is probably on the money. And now I have probably crossed the line between commenting on a design post and needless political bantering. Oh well, ces't la vie.

Sanctions Against Iran May Cause Small Business Closures
8/11/10 03:00 PM